New Way, New Day

Hey everybody!

Simplicity is key to reach more consciously, so let’s get ready to explore reality by sharing things more briefly and consistently.

Who is this for? Well anybody reading, really because this writer experiences things differently and wishes to share these things openly to broaden the perspective of those willing to see something new and interesting.

What may that encompass? Who knows because everyday displays something new for myself and everyone else. But for those who wish to know, anything that explores consciousness and what it means to exist among all of this as a “human.”

Why the name change?

Because Layv & Praise is more fitting for me nowadays since my views have personally changed. Bless means to B Less, whereas praise means to raise with the spirit or energy of the number 7 numerically speaking. Layv is love to me in its simplicity, but without all of the human programming which conditionally restrains that which layv is capable of creating for us hairless monkeys.

With that being said for the reader I wouldn’t change a thing because to me you’re perfect in every way. So let’s discuss things openly and layvngly, okie dokie? Otherwise find some time to reflect on why one may feel the need to put me in check.

Thanks for reading and sharing your time, space, and energy with me when you could be doing something else entirely. Layv and praise, have a great day!

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