healing from trauma

Be You, Be True

Howdy ladies and chimps!

It’s your friendly neighborhood genetically modified chimpanzee coming to thee with these rhyming words woven in this reality we call the human dream. Thank you for being here because today’s message is all about you and all that you do!



Flattery will get you nowhere, little monkey (some of YOU may be thinking, and that’s perfectly okay because I’m still pleased to share this message with all of thee today). Now what is that exactly? Well it’s something this little chimpanzee had to come to understand after having been profusely exposed to the frequencies of psychopathy and narcissism on the land.

YOU see, the aforementioned characters love to shame, blame, ridicule, and judge others for being themselves in order to establish a greater sense of control over everyone and everything else. So there were numerous times in my personal life when another would reject me simply for speaking my thoughts, or diving deep into the emotional depths that also comprise my being.


Society as a whole often does the same considering the microcosm this chimpanzee grew up within is a reflection of the macrocosm the rest of thee are a part of in how this reality is constructed currently. We see it all of the time, especially online through social media, the media itself, or even our own fellows who supposedly wish us well.

By the way, MEDIA starts with the word ME – as in My Ego… (the mind which only knows so much based on what it has been exposed to within this current life).

Switch out the ME with an I, and One will be able to recognize the self within the term Idea as opposed to MEdia. Phonetically similar enough that it makes sense because the universe simply laughs at the intractability of the languages used by chimps.


So long story short, pay no mind to those who would measure your life because it’s more than likely they haven’t even walked a mile within your shoes. In other words, no One lives like YOU as well as YOU. We all breathe oxygen, eat, drink, sleep, pee, poop, procreate, or at the very least find pleasure in the little things to some degree within this reality. But once again, only YOU live to the best of YOUR ability in a manner only YOU know to be true (regardless of what others constantly tell YOU).

With that being said, here’s a series of Gifs that I’ll leave before heading off to bed (not really though because I’ve gotta clean up after my fellows chimps since they often leave a mess). Here are the Gifs at least! Know that I am proud of each and everyONE of thee!


🙂 Love and Blessings 🙂

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