I Am

We are.

Hey ladies and chimps! It’s your friendly neighborhood genetically modified chimpanzee coming at you with these words in this third dimensional reality we call the human dream, and I Am here to share with thee a perspective in which we can all agree.



Now what exactly could that be in which all could agree respectively, considering how most if not all tend to see things so differently in this reality? Well that’s a mighty good question, for the sum of all our parts cumulatively adds to that which is equal to the following.


Interestingly enough we are comprised of the same array of light bodies found everywhere One sees, though each group is attached to a specific way of being that in all honesty can take on any form we please in this physical reality. So how is it that One is more?





All things are arranged sequentially to produce a particular effect upon the universe in its entirety, based on the vibratory frequency emitted and sustained much like a wave fabricated by a stone cast upon a watery home. Or for those who don’t understand, all things exist in their current state because that is how their molecular structure is programmed and set upon One’s plate.


Atom is akin to the Adam from the Genesis tale, coupling itself with the darkened onset of Eve to fashion a cycle from which Oneness can experience a greater spark of divisive duality. For One came from the other, though each may see each other decisively differently since their molecular light bodies shine uniquely.



One may understand what it means to be human when the conscious body of the Soul, or Sol for sunlight some may recognize will fulfill the desire to have experienced being on either side of the fence in order to close the distance among chimps.


For knowledge of experience allows One to empathize with those who have experienced similar times throughout eternity, as beings who temporarily fill the shell of that which is known as a human body. This in turn causes One to conclude they were always One to begin with, though it is simpler to understand and accept when One has embraced the 5th. Or a manner in which One exists as they understand they are truly connected to all things, regardless of what form those light bodies take.



Love yourself and extend it towards everyOne else, for we are all definitely greater than any truly know. Recognizing the realization within that I Am will cause One to understand they are and have always been connected with EVErything and EVEryOne on the land, in the sea, and ALL that which is experiencing this collectively generated dream you humans call reality.

Or to put it simply for simplicity’s sake:

EVEryOne is an iceberg since we all see parts on the surface, EVEn though our hearts and fullness of being extend further than most eyes can see.


🙂 Love and Blessings 🙂


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