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Politics (Yuck, I know)

Politics rhymes with a word akin to piss, although that which this genetically modified chimp is contemplating happens to come out slightly differently. Now some of you are thinking wow, that’s a convoluted way of saying something I practically scream everyday!

That’s perfectly okay, but this monkey prefers to present the aforementioned word which rhymes with turd in a way which utilizes a descriptor as opposed to cursing aloud since that only serves to lower One’s brow.

Hey there, ladies and chimps!

Today’s word and topic revolves around the concept of POLITICS.

AKA One of these guys…


A tick, for those of you who have difficulty identifying that which moves within the Gif. By the way whether or not you identified it alright is perfectly okay because it’s honestly not something you want on your body any day.

Why? Well they carry diseases and literally suck One’s blood with ease since they’re parasitical to all who come into contact with them in this reality.


Now how on Earth (Gaia) are these little horrors of nature related to the following:


Initiating contemplation mode for chimpanzees…Engage!


If you haven’t figured it out by now, that’s perfectly okay because this chimpanzee will spell it out for the rest of thee by breaking the word down respectively.


Poly meaning many since it’s phonetically the same as POLI, and Ticks as previously defined because let’s be honest with ourselves and admit that politics literally drains the life force from every chimp who happens to be exposed by it.

In other words, Politics sucks. Literally, and I’m pretty sure every one of us chimpanzees can agree to a certain degree since within the field of parasitical leeches we find people debating how others should breathe and be within the confines of this third dimensional reality. One word: FRUSTRATING.


But my party! My party has all of the answers! (Some of you may be pondering, and that’s okay because I’m still sending love and blessings your way)

Well good for them, but I for One don’t require someone to live thousands of miles away from my genetically modified chimp body to pass “laws” that can easily be broken, just so I can pay another in more than way by adhering to how they dictate the manner in which I behave.

In fact the word Government when broken down is Govern – Ment (drop the T and now what do you read). Govern (control) – Men…


To put it even more simply: people who dress slightly differently spend their time and energy constantly preaching how each and every One of us should breathe and be, even though they still poop, pee, bleed, eat, drink, and breathe within this reality just the same as everybody.

Sounds silly when I put it that way, doesn’t it?


In any case, thank you for taking the time to read through today’s stink. We got a little dirty, but we’ll be okie dokie!

🙂 Love and Blessings 🙂

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