Random Thoughts


Hey there, ladies and chimpanzees!

Here’s a shorty for today because I uploaded my first video covering the very topic I wish to share with the thee this Monday. You get to see my face for the first time, so as a bonus you’ll witness this chimpanzee discussing various tools I use to release that which has outlived its need to reside within my being.

Long story short, if it works for me it can also work for the rest of thee. Why? Well we’re made of the same things, and thus we can all help light each other’s way to realize humanity as a whole is capable of more than most know.

In fact, everyone knows to a degree. Yet most have difficulty remembering soulfully since they’re so caught up in the Matrix of the Human Dream, and this in turn results in many losing sight with the fact that they are an extension of Divinity experiencing itself in this 3rd dimensional version of reality.

I could go on, but then again that’s why I have this blog. Feel free to share the video, comment, and subscribe if you enjoy that which you see. Otherwise all I have left for thee is:

πŸ™‚ Love and Blessings πŸ™‚

Free E-Books (2) covering Narcissism, CPTSD, Healing

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