Random Thoughts


Howdy ladies and chimps!

It’s your friendly neighborhood chimpanzee bringing to all of thee another exciting way of looking at things in this third dimensional reality we’re cumulatively currently experiencing in these bodies we call human beings.


You mean with the rhymes? Alright, I guess that’s fine.

So the message for today relates to something that’s been truly bothering me internally since it deals with how humanity speaks and thus creates its own version of living. I’m still going to rhyme because it’s honestly not a crime, and we’re all unique expressions of the divine.

In any case, how often do you hear the words “World” and “Peace” strung together so naturally as though it makes sense to use them in that way? Too often, at least according to this chimpanzee who is about to cover exactly why this saying should dissipate faster than you can say “1-2-3.”


Which part, the rhymes or the fact I’m literally telling you all to completely go against that which has been drilled into us since we came out of the womb and firmly planted our feet in this madhouse zoo?


I understand some of you are saying number two because the world needs PIECE in order for humanity to truly make it through the roughest and darkest times, so that all may finally be able to shine bright throughout eternity for all to see so wonderfully.

But you misspelled PEACE, bruh!

That’s okay, and this chimpanzee won’t spend too much time trying to explain because we already did that the other day. Long story short: the Universe doesn’t care about your alphabet, and it only pays attention to that which is produced by your every breath.

I.e. PEACE and PIECE sound wholly the same, meaning the Universe will fracture that which you wanted to join in the first place. Don’t believe me? That’s okay. Have you ever considered what a human being divided into two pieces looks like? Or would you prefer to have a whole body tuck you in at night? After all the PEACE sign typically depicts two fingers as opposed to one, right?


Message received. Good, this chimpanzee is glad to hear that broski.

Now let’s collectively bring about transformation beyond that which any have dreamed by allowing and embracing the fact that each and everyONE of us can create UNITY in this reality.


So remember that if you want a PEACE of my pie, just know that my heart and mind will serve this reply.


🙂 Love and Blessings 🙂

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