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Hello lovely people!

I’m thankful to say that life on this side of the web is increasingly becoming even more stable, and for this I’m also eternally grateful.

So with that being said, let’s quickly get into it!

Most people work throughout the what? The WEEK.

But why not the STRONG?


Which part? The fact we constantly sound out something which is phonetically similar to that of being WEAK, or the fact that the mind noodle is having issues comparing WEEK and WEAK since they’re spelled slightly differently?

Let’s presume it’s the latter category since I’ve been met with mixed results concerning other examples we’ll get into later because language is funny when you understand how the Universe functions.

Basically what One speaks and/or thinks will create reality.


I know, I know.

Some of you are thinking this chimpanzee is going crazy, and this in turn is why you might be rolling your eyes like the gif guy since you’re both THINKING a similar thing in your brains. I.e. ya buddy, whatever you say because to me you’re just a silly genetically modified chimpanzee trying to tell me how to make sense of reality.

Fair enough.

But consider for a moment how most people tend to work a job throughout their day prior to returning home to lay before a projected image on a screen telling them what to think, eat, drink, purchase, and experience and this reality.

Now why on Earth would people end up acting out what that screen tells them to do? Put simply, it’s because the ideas (thought forms) transmitted from the tube end up manifesting that person’s food since I know some of you have THOUGHT “I should get (insert fast food joint)” before rushing out the door to get it.

Do you honestly THINK you’d get that soft drink if you never heard the tube speak about it in the first place? The short answer is probably not, but monkey see means monkey will do unless said monkey already has it in mind that the aforementioned soft drink stinks and honestly isn’t healthy for anyone to consume in reality.


Back to the point because I know I got a little off topic, but it still fits since most people sit around THINKING and SPEAKING about the things they have to do throughout their WEEK.

So you’ve worked a full day and now more than likely don’t want to do much of anything. This isn’t always the case, but we’ve all had the experience at some point of just wanting to collapse after working hard instead of smart. See what I did there?

Now the real kicker is by the time most of us have worked a full WEEK, we then find ourselves looking forward to greeting the WEEKEND when and where most people are in a state of being WEAKENED to the point they don’t want to do much except lounge and be proud.

In summation, the Universe hears and sees your thoughts and words before making them manifest in various ways because each and everyONE of us is a creator in this reality.

So with that being said, have lovely days everybody 🙂

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