New Day, New Way

Howdy y’all!!!

It’s been a few moons and then some since we last spoke, or offered a sincere joke to bring warmth to those who feel as though they should drown themselves in coke. Take your pick because I offer a space free of judgement or spit.

Well I honestly can’t guarantee the last bit considering that llamas will pretty much do as they wish, but in any case I digress to the point you may be wondering if I’m just some babbling chimp!



This monkey has been doing so much better since I last offered something to chew, and I’m glad to say we’re not entirely through in terms of producing content for the rest of you human beings or even my fellow chimpanzees.

Needless to say I’ve come a long way in terms of healing the various aspects of my being, and this in turn has allowed yours truly to re-calibrate my reality to the point I’m starting to literally manifest that which I haven’t even dreamed.

What might that be, you ask? Or have you spent yourself by drinking from too large a glass?

I can understand the reserve some of you might share, and I’m here to say that’s perfectly okay because I’m at a point now where I am open to receiving that which is naturally best for me as opposed to expecting handouts from everybody in this 3 dimensional reality.

So with that being said, I’ll be posting when the feeling exists because yours truly is no longer pushed by a proverbial narcissistic whip to experience a sense of being accomplished. Posts from here on out won’t even have as many words as I used to write down because sometimes a single word can literally be broken down to make one realize something profound.


 So ya…

Love and blessings my fellow chimps, and we’ll be back sooner than promised because I’m not promising anything other than the fact that I’ll be doing things my way.

Books are still free to download and read, so help yourself or leave them on your electronic shelf. They honestly help 🙂

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