Anger Management

Hey there, everyone! As always I hope everything is going well in your lives and attempts to heal on the path of recovery 🙂 Things are still going in an awesome direction for me because today’s dragons are nothing compared to what I’ve already slain from back in the day, although the challenges nowadays make me truly stop and realize how much progress I’ve made thus far.

Okay, okay some of you are thinking (with a little bit of eye rolling there, possibly). It’s all good! Let me explain with an example like the ones I usually provide – i.e. real experiences in the world of yours truly.

So a while back I mentioned getting extremely perturbed by a slip up concerning a missed payment for services (in relation to the Anger Management clip – ha), and I recently experienced the same via another employer I recently started working for. Now I explained to this individual that I would prefer to have an online account established with the organization that pays me so I don’t miss a paycheck, and they agreed to take care of things on their end.


After all, it’s a bit nerve wracking to be paid once as opposed to twice a month when you’re the only one bringing home the green. In any case I digress. Well this individual acknowledged the issue when I brought it to their attention, but then persisted with dragging their feet to set everything up (which BTW takes less than 15 minutes with the help of a single phone call…).

They even went so far as to yell at me through texting (lol) by using caps and exclamation points that using physical paper (the issue) was fine and I’d just have to deal with it. Needless to say, I didn’t take too well to this because I already experienced stress back in the day that was directly related to what I’m trying to avoid at this time. So how did I respond?


Well I immediately felt like hitting something while yelling at the top of my lungs, but I didn’t follow through with how I wished to respond so desperately. Why? In all honesty, I figured I’d either brake something or hurt myself because I was that livid. So I simply thought to myself (note the lack of verbal words) that I understood why I had that reaction, although I needed to focus on breathing slowly and getting home safe and sound since I was out driving.

I eventually got home without any issues, but then I noticed I was randomly spewing words laced with spite and discord because I hadn’t properly processed the volcano erupting beneath my skin. So I then went into vision by sitting down to meditate, and I saw myself in a place of stillness before seeing flames throwing themselves from my body. I then allowed the flames to leave as I envisioned white smoke filling my lungs while blackened smoke left just as the flames had.


So did it work? YEP! I was able to walk around in a state of peace once I effectively allowed my feelings of anger and hatred to leave, which ultimately means I didn’t resort to yelling or physically harming anything from that point on. Hell, I’ve even seen them multiple times after the fact and I’ve been completely civil. I mean really now, what’s the point? Why allow someone to affect me so awfully? I understand most of you know what it means to be treated like garbage because you probably wouldn’t be here otherwise.

I also know how our lives can be systematically crushed by those we entrust with our security – whether it be a friend, an employer, a sibling, an elder, or even a spouse! But I also know we don’t have to allow another’s unhappiness to shroud our day and mood. Regardless of the circumstances, always know that any situation is only temporary. Why? Because time is ever flowing, and that which doesn’t move will die and transform into something entirely different.


So keep going ladies and gentlemen! Keep going on this path because you WILL get to a place where you can be as resilient as stone and fluid like water. Healing is possible, and life becomes easier the further you go. There are still obstacles, but those hurdles will be nothing like the ones you’ve already passed. Why? Because you’re stronger and better able to tackle hardship more than you know.

Many Blessings!

Ladies and Gents, Let’s be Happy!

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