healing from trauma

Martial Arts, I’m Lovin’ It!


If you know this movie, then you’re amazing. Just sayin…

Hey there, ladies and gents! How’s it going? Well I hope everything is going well for you all in regards to healing and prospering because each and everyone of you deserves to enjoy the life that was given to you! After all, the title suggests this little monkey has been doing better than ever before 🙂

Now just what in the hell has been going on? Well last time I mentioned that I started learning martial arts because an old friend and even favored family member from back in the day had undergone their own training. So basically I got the notion early on that learning such things would eventually creep into my life when the time was both welcomed and needed.


So after a friend from my gym mentioned a gym and instructor I should check out, I figured the universe was literally tapping me on the shoulder as it whispered in my ear – “It’s time.”


Needless to say, I’ve been enjoying myself! Granted I’ve only been to three classes so far, but there’s no doubt in my mind that I have much to gain by continuing down the path I’ve begun treading. Speaking of, there’s even a portrait in the gym depicting a man standing before a vast mountain range with a visible yet arduous path leading to various temples along the way. Each point is in sight, although the man must continue his journey if he hopes to reach that which is achievable.

What are the classes like, and more importantly what is the gym like? Some of you may be wondering. Well first and foremost, the gym itself offers an overwhelming feeling of humbleness and comfort even though people are typically performing physical violence without intentionally causing harm against their fellow classmates.


So with that being said, the classes involve multiple levels of experienced students performing various techniques to improve their forms and increase their knowledge. The teacher works with everyone to ensure all students succeed in their lessons, and to make sure no one hurts themselves or others! Now one might think it would be intimidating to be a newb around those who are more experienced, but that isn’t the case thankfully.

Besides, I’m too focused on making sure I don’t hurt myself to be concerned with whether or not anyone is sizing me up. I.e. I’d prefer to focus on my own progression and encourage those who succeed than worry about being looked down upon. Why? Because it feels good, that’s why! I even find myself hesitating with certain things like somersaulting, but verbally tell myself “It’s okay, Aaron.”


The result? I succeed. Plus, I make mistakes and I’m glad because I know fully well how making mistakes will lead to improving myself in the long run. Not to mention the fact my mind is busy processing all that I learn, and I return home practicing what I learned each day I get because it’s fun and I don’t want to forget 😛

I’m really looking forward learning more because I already notice improvements in my flexibility, overall movement, and attitude regarding physical health and growth. Sounds a bit different from the environment I was raised in, and that’s because it is…

Many blessings!

Ladies and Gents, a run down of Kuk Sool Won

Featured Image: Tumblr

For those of you who don’t know the source of those gifs, please oh please take the time to watch Kung Pow.

It’s the dumbest laughfest ever created.

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