Life Transition

Today’s post will be short, sweet, and to the point because there’s little to say even though a lot has been going on…

So what has this little monkey been up to as of late?


I mean, talk about changing one’s life on full throttle!

Okay then, what’s been going on? Some of you may be wondering.

Well I recently renewed my membership at a local gym I often frequent with one of my clients (I work one on one with individuals who are developmentally disabled) because I honestly got tired of sitting on my bum for hours on end.

Sure, I was routinely meditating, eating healthy, writing, and reading if I wasn’t working with clients or attending the aforementioned gym for an hour or two to perform a quick workout that basically stretched my muscles enough to feel something move.

Hell, I was even working out at home using furniture sliders to do push ups (fun, hard, and amazing for toning your core – abdominal/oblique/shoulder regions too).

But it wasn’t enough, and I wanted MORE.

So now that I’ve renewed the membership, I’ve been going EVERY DAY for the past two weeks.

Resting days? Pfft! I get my rest by working different muscle groups each day so the same group isn’t worked on two days in a row. The groups include: upper body/chest, legs (never skip leg day), and core (the MOST fun). And no, I’m not being facetious.

Some Ecards

I LOVE working out because it gets me in my body and more importantly gets me out of my head. Not to mention the fact there’s plenty of icing on that stellar cake which means I’ll be improving my health, stamina, endurance, strength, and so on.

Plus, who doesn’t like chiseled abs?

I’ve also been attending a yoga class (for the FIRST TIME EVER) which actually triggered me slightly the first time I went. Triggered how? Well I was abused and neglected by a female, and having a woman tower over my body while telling me I was doing a RESTING pose (I find that funny – the fact I had difficulty relaxing that is) incorrectly was enough to send my head into a tailspin.


BUT, I managed to overcome my trigger with encouraging self-talk and a quick round of weight lifting right after the fact. Plus, I talked myself into attending the same class again because for the first time EVER I figured running away from my worries wouldn’t help me overcome them.

Needless to say, I was laughing and enjoying myself the second time around more so than the first. Oh! I’m also stretching everyday at like 4-5am because I’ve been crashing between 8-9pm and getting up at the ass crack of dawn.

Let me tell ya, it makes a difference in your day…

I’ve also been making friends at the gym because it’s easier to develop relations with people you not only see on a regular basis, but also when those same people share a common interest.

Some of you may be thinking I sound like a newb, and you’re right! But I’m learning and getting along just fine with my fellow gym members even more so than I was before. People have even been telling me that I seem to socialize more so than most people.


I know, right? I’m quite the social butterfly when I warm up to people, although I’m still a bit shy upon first meeting others. But then again, I’m somewhat overcoming that shyness by following my intuition which constantly says “say hello, ask how their day is going, ask their for their name, shake their hand, SMILE, ask what they’ve been up to, EXPRESS INTEREST!”

Being friendly and receptive to others apparently goes a long way in developing relations, no matter how surface or deep they may be…


I started martial arts…


More to come next time after a few sessions of that so I can have more details for ya 🙂

Many blessings and I hope you all are doing well in life and in recovery!

Ladies and Gents, Let’s Change the Familiar

Featured Image: Erik Miranda Deviant Art

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