Death and Rebirth

Fall is right around the corner, and do you know what that means? Well my friend, it means life will begin to decay around us until Winter’s grasp chokes what little remains. Does that sound depressing? Well worry not because Spring will be approaching soon after! I.e. death and life are cyclical in nature.

I snagged this image from a Special Olympics calendar presented to me by one of my employers because a picture really does speak a thousand words without having to say them.



Seeing a new sprout rising from the husk of a dead trunk really caught my eye since it literally symbolizes what I’ve been experiencing lately in relation to my growth and development. It is a reminder that one can effectively produce new forms of life from a state of decay and disrepair. It is symbolic of shedding the old in order for something new to to take root, feeding off what little remains until it is strong enough to obtain its own form of sustenance.

Coping mechanisms and maladaptive behaviors or thoughts are the same in turn since one can shed them in order to facilitate new methods for living. There was a time when I resorted to isolating myself because being around others was too stressful. I mean after all, who can you trust when your own bio-parents constantly treated you less than throughout your development?

In the recent past I’ve mentioned how I started socializing more in public, and nowadays I’m continuing to do so. However, interactions are becoming even more naturalized as I readily ask names, shake hands, and even hug people I see on a regular basis. I.e. this hermit is slowly but surely dying, and I couldn’t be more grateful for making such a claim because more opportunities for developing new relationships are making their way into my life.

The more I release my old habits of ignoring people by keeping my head down, simply asking how one’s day is going without even getting to know their name at least, and avoiding physical contact at all costs, the more I’ve been able to grow into something more akin to the real me. I.e. a social butterfly who enjoys seeing others smile because I enjoy it, so why wouldn’t others?

CPTSD is not the end of the road if you keep stepping towards a new direction. What I face today is nothing compared to what I had to face for the past 10 years of my life, and this simply means I am growing increasingly fond of facing new challenges that will ultimately support my intention of becoming the best me there ever was.

Keep going and you’ll make it. The struggles you face today are challenging you to reshape your vision of how you see yourself in relation to the world around you, and you CAN overcome them to grow and develop. Best wishes and many blessings to each and every one of you.

Ladies and Gents, WE CAN SUCCEED

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