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Mistakes Are Okay

Why? Because I said so! But seriously, it’s okay to make mistakes because that’s why we’re all here. To learn from them, that is.

Some of you might be thinking oh great, this schmuck is gonna lecture me on the age old question of why we’re here! Well – you’re right, although I’m not going to lecture you with a fundamentalist mindset. Instead I’ll be approaching this with a “take it and do whatever you damn well please with it” mentality. I.e. this is a little word vomit, so enjoy!

Mistakes obviously happen because the universe itself is perfectly imperfect, and human beans (lol) happen to be apart of that messiness whether or not we like to admit it. So that means, inevitably, we’ll drop the ball at some point in time because we honestly wouldn’t have anything to learn if we constantly won at everything.

Now granted some mistakes are laced with more screwiness in comparison to others, such as accidentally bombing a civilian target versus purchasing the “wrong” bottle of wine in relation to the meal being prepared. After all, not all wines compliment a dessert…

But in any case, I am simply suggesting that certain actions have greater repercussions than others. Take abuse for instance (don’t actually though, it sucks). Hurting someone’s feelings by missing their birthday or causing the dog to yelp after tripping over their tail will certainly cause the receiver to experience a little surprise and/or pain.

Abusing someone, on the other hand, is on an entirely different level because that degree of maltreatment can cause another considerable anguish on a physical, psychological, and even spiritual level. This is especially true when the abuse occurs for a prolonged period of time since the receiver may inadvertently adopt their circumstances as normal instead of inherently destructive.

When this happens, an abuse victim will tend to attract others in their life who are more than willing to treat them like their abuser treated them. Lo and behold we find ourselves witnessing someone making mistakes in terms of seeking out beneficial relations, but don’t worry because I’m not here to blame them for doing so.

On the contrary! I’m going to suggest that the universe itself will keep introducing the former victim to similar situations in order for them to recognize the problem so they won’t repeat the same mistake of seeking out abusive turds to  befriend. But what’s the point? Isn’t that a form of cruel and unusual punishment? (some of you may be wondering)

Well in my humble opinion, all life has value and worth because life is rare in the universe. So there’s an issue if said life does not recognize its own value or worth because life is too short to suffer, and this leads us back to why people make mistakes in the first place.

Mistakes are made to serve as lessons on how NOT to accomplish something. I.e. watch where you’re going and don’t trip over the dog’s tail, and please oh please refrain from bombing people in general (that one goes out to any polarized side entrenched in conflict)! But more importantly, recognize how your life and the lives of all beings in the universe represent some of the most beautiful expressions our universe is capable of producing.

With that being said, we cannot control how others live their lives. But we can choose how we respond to their actions shared via thoughts, words, and body language. So don’t hang around someone calling you names that demean your very existence. That means don’t offer your time and presence to someone who doesn’t wish you well, or to someone who actively causes you harm by treating you less than.

Learn from your mistakes and see them as stepping stones which will lead you towards the ultimate goal of achieving success. You can grow and expand because others are capable of doing so, however know that we all grow and develop in different ways because we are all beautiful expressions of what the universe has to offer.

So if you keep making mistakes, don’t worry because setbacks and defeat are temporary as long as you move forward and learn from them. We can succeed. We can believe. We can achieve. Just keep going and you’ll get to where you want to go, no matter how long it takes. I should know because I’m the tortoise in the race against the hare, and y’all should know how that story ends…

Ladies and Gents, Every little thing is gonna be alright

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