Don’t Give Up

Lately I’ve been feeling a lot more peaceful because I’ve been making a habit out of accepting my current life circumstances. Now how could acceptance bring a sense of peace, some of you may be wondering?

Well basically it comes down to recognizing how the present moment is only temporary, and thus all that I am currently experiencing will inevitably fade away as the future unfolds to take its place. I.e. that which is currently lacking, dragging, bothering, or diminishing will be overcome as long as I continue putting one foot in front of the other because life itself is constantly changing.

However, this also implies that all gains and subsequent earnings produced from achievement will fade just as the tide returns to the vastness of the oceans that surround the patches of land strewn across the surface of Mother Earth. I.e. all things have an end, yet that end merely precedes a new beginning.

So learning to tune oneself to the ebb and flow of life can, and will allow one to develop a sense of peace that cannot be developed or maintained from any sort of outer stimuli. Why? Well we all have the ability to access an immovable serenity from within because we all come from a universal Source that is comprised of everything and nothing. In a sense, it simply is and we can learn to simply be.

In other words, there is no struggle. There is no worrying. There is no pain. There is no separateness. There is no division. For there is only oneness and unity that eventually finds itself descending towards the manifestation of all we see abound on the surface level of physical reality.

Yet our perceptions of struggle, worrying, pain, separateness, division, and so on are not to be neglected or diminished in value considering how no two experiences are the same no matter how similar.

For those who struggle with depression, mental illness, CPTSD, cancer, and so on would be hard pressed to simply be asked to ignore such issues that cause obvious and considerable anguish to those who experience them, whether in the past, present, or potential futures.

I still face challenges because hey, that’s life for ya! But more importantly I can, once again, experience inner peace knowing that my present circumstances in life will not always remain as they are. For there are things I desire and want to change, although I know these changes will come in time. So all in all, I am glad and thankful I no longer struggle with that which caused me such headaches in my past. And thus I know it’s safe to say that I look forward to continuing this journey I am treading.

Keep going and don’t stop! If you are struggling today, know that it will not always be this way because life is constantly changing. You can either choose to alter your path or lay down and take the hits, but I urge you to take the former as I have done. Now does that mean do exactly as I have? Absolutely not because you have your own life to manage.

So make the decision to empower yourself and face that which causes you to feel miserable because there is so much more to life than the struggles we have faced as individuals. The pain is there, so never deny it! Keep fighting and you’ll find peace because you are capable of enjoying the life that was given to you. If I can do it, so can you…

Many blessings!


Featured Image: Pinterest

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