Story Time (part 4)

For those who missed it, I’ll link Story Time (Part 3) which also includes the first two. Enjoy!

 Mr. Claymore started his lesson on the laws of thermal dynamics – a topic embraced by few since the teacher had a propensity to speak with as little enthusiasm as possible. So it wasn’t long until Michael dozed off, although he rarely found a moment’s rest even with his eyes closed. Flashes of light buzzed around his eyelids as he quickly remembered to focus on the lesson. Otherwise the slouching posture would have surely given Mr. Claymore a reason to send him to the hallway as punishment.

“Because that makes total sense – I mean how is a kid going to learn anything when his teachers even cast him out?” Michael muttered under his breath.

“Have something to add, Michael?” Snapped Mr. Claymore.

“N…no.” Stuttered Michael.

“Well good. Let’s make sure we pay attention and refrain from interrupting anymore, hmmm?”

“Sounds good.”

Snap! Cracked the wand Mr. Claymore used for that very purpose. To garner attention and focus, that is.

“Sounds good, Mr. Claymore!” Michael quickly uttered in order to lessen the harshness of Claymore’s renowned short-fuse temper, lest he be thrown outside to sit between classes. Although being jettisoned from the lecture probably would have brought Michael a little peace knowing that he wouldn’t have to consciously work to keep his head up.

“Excellent! See how effective conditioning is? Well as I was saying, the second law involves…”

Mr. Claymore continued his monologue as if no interruption had been made, however Michael stopped taking notes after only minutes passed because the deliverance of the day’s lesson only encouraged him to doze off again. So he resorted to doodling across the page with the hopes of achieving something worthwhile. For this was something he quite enjoyed.

The tip of the pen glided gently in circular patterns as if to lay the foundation for the work at hand. Abstract shapes and figures slowly emerged from the dried ink scratches that soon dotted the paper, and it wasn’t long before the main image blossomed from the resulting pattern. Michael leaned back as if to survey the ink marks that coated the lines before him, and then he saw it before tucking the drawing in his knapsack.

The bell rang soon after that, and not a moment too soon because Claymore’s lecture was unreasonably drier than usual. Michael gathered his belongings before heading for the door.

“And just where do you think you’re going?” Harkened Mr. Claymore.

“To second period, why?”

“Listen here you little worm, you will address me with respect or not at all! Understand?”

“I didn’t mean any disrespect, Mr. Claymore.”

“Well the constant drawing says otherwise. You do know you’re going to fail if you don’t pay attention? I mean, how do you expect to pass the exams when you don’t even pay attention to the lectures?”

“I’ve been getting B’s and C’s, so it’s not like I’ve been bombing.”

“We’ll see about that after next week’s exam.”

“Sure thing Mr. Claymore.”

Michael then bolted for his second hour class – geology. Now this class was a lot different from the first because the teacher was one of Michael’s favorites, not to mention the fact Michael loved learning about the world that rested beneath his feet. He then arrived shortly after the bell rang, and the entire class was chaotic with the absence of its teacher.

To be continued…

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