Story Time (Part 3)

Good morning, everyone! Do you recall a time when I said I’d be starting a short series? Well we’re gonna continue what we started because I said so. In any case, the first two parts are listed for those who missed them…

Story Time (part 1)

Story Time (part 2)

Thankfully his studies provided some reprieve from the paradise he called home, so let’s see how Middleton High School fared in comparison.

The grounds were large enough to accommodate nearly 2,000 students and well over 100 staff members, although numbers had dwindled to half the standing record as most in the city had left for the towns that rested along the outskirts. However, the architecture was striking even though most of it seemed to have fallen into disarray.

Vines stretched along the stone-lined path that led from the parking lot to the front steps, while a thickened brush engulfed the grounds behind the school. Groundskeepers over the years tried their best to subdue the unruly foliage, though none were successful. This always intrigued Michael – how nature cared little for the structures and orders of men who came before him.

“Hey there Mikey! How’s it goin?” Bellowed Jack, Michael’s closest friend.

“I’m alright, you?”

“Looks like I’m doin’ better than you – what’s with the eyes, you on something?”

“Nah, just been having more nightmares.”

“Still? Seriously dude, you’ve gotta talk to someone about ‘em. I mean, it’s been a month now and they still haven’t let up?”

“I know, I know. I just don’t know who to reach out to.”

“Why don’t you hit Mr. Mackel up?”

“What, the guidance counselor? I’m good! Besides, I heard he puts students to sleep with his endless rants on the philosophy of life.”

“Who told you that?”

“Me from having been to his office.”

“Oh that’s right, I forgot your middle name is trouble with a capital T!”

“Both of you are gonna share that middle name if y’all don’t get to class before the bell!” Interrupted the school principal.

“Yes Ms. Shannon!” Responded the boys as they hightailed it to first hour.

Riiiiiiiiiiing! Screamed Middleton’s alarm system which Michael imagined as the Pentagon’s call to indicate that security had been compromised. He quickly sat down in the back just as his belongings started spilling from his knapsack.

“Are you ready to start today’s lesson, Michael?” Beckoned the boy’s chemistry teacher from behind the desk.

“Yes, Mr. Claymore.” Michael replied prior to whipping out his notebook. The pages were slightly torn at the edges while the binding snagged them in certain places along the spine. But this didn’t matter because he was used to things being less than, at least most of the time.

To be continued…

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