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We All Want the Same Thing

What is Oneness?

According to a quick Google search, oneness =

The fact or state of being unified or whole, though comprised of two or more parts.

So just what in the hell does that mean?

Let’s dive down the rabbit hole, shall we?

(don’t worry, it’s a quickie with plenty to chew on)


There is strength in unity.

There is weakness in disunity.

Don’t believe me?

Try taking a road trip in a car that only has three operational wheels. Try running a marathon with one leg. Try lifting a 300 lb. barbell with only one arm. Try operating a remote control with only one battery when it normally takes two functional batteries to do so. Try getting married when you’re the only one (haha) present for the ceremony…

Do you understand what I’m trying to get at? Now I’m not suggesting any of the aforementioned feats are impossible to accomplish without unity, but rather the lack of support will ensure that one (there’s that word again) will experience great difficulty in accomplishing what they originally sought to do.

So let’s take this a step further, shall we?

The human body is comprised of numerous systems that include: circulatory, respiratory, nervous, lymphatic, renal, endocrine, exocrine, digestive, muscular, skeletal, and reproductive.

Each specializes in something that ensures y’all (including this author) can get out of bed to accomplish whatever we intend or desire to do in a wakened state of consciousness. But did you know each system is comprised of numerous parts that ensure it operates as it should? For those of you who don’t, the following chart will spell it out for ya!

Anatomy & Physiology

So now you can see that the previously listed systems of the body are made of organs, which are in turn comprised of tissues, which are in reality communities of tightly bound cellular units, which are in actuality just a bunch of chemical blobs that we call DNA that allows each and every one of us to take on the appearance of those who came before us. (not to imply we all resemble little white girls because this author certainly doesn’t)

But wait a second, why is the atom present?

Oh, you didn’t know…

Well the atom is a MAJOR building block for matter in this little turd we call reality, and believe it or not there’s more to it than meets the eye…


Even the Protons and Neutrons are comprised of little bits called Quarks, but we won’t be getting that deep because some of your heads are probably throbbing by now anyhow…

So what’s the point?

Well when you take the time to realize this sort of information, you’ll also want to realize that everything around us is comprised of the same bits. So that means the dirt, people’s shoes, flowers, pencils, trees, cars, bees, literally EVERYTHING can be reduced to a combination of little bits and pieces we humans call atoms. Even the stars shining brightly above our noggins are made of the SAME things…

So what’s your point?

My point is that EVERYTHING in this universe is connected in some way, shape, or form on a molecular level, which in turn means there is ONENESS no matter where one happens to look!


So then why do human beings tend to argue, debate, yell, scream, and even murder (that escalated quickly) each other over things like abortion, guns, politics, money, and so on?


Okay then…

You’re right! Life is complicated because it takes A LOT (scientific number) of smaller pieces to harmonize with each other to ensure everything exists in a material sense.

So I would say (not argue because that would defeat the point I’m making) that we human turdlings tend to make life more complicated than it has to be.

Now why would I say that? Where is my proof? How can I arrive at such a conclusion? Well my friends, the answer is quite simple indeed…we all want the same thing in life, although we tend to fight over the best route to achieve what we want.

Now what is that, Mr. Turdlock? (Sherlock for those who didn’t catch it)

Peace. Harmony. Acceptance.

You see if those three parts weren’t a “part” of the makeup for atoms and their smaller bits, then none of this would exist in the first place. Remember that three-wheeled car? Adding a fourth would bring more stability to the car itself, which in turn would create more peace and harmony. This would then produce acceptance from the operator who could enjoy a smoother ride.

Recall the one-armed body builder. Don’t you think they’d have an easier time lifting those 300 lb. weights if they had two arms that were both conditioned to lift them? You should get the point by now…

We collectively spend so much time fighting one another over trivial matters when we fail to recognize the intricate beauty and wonder that surrounds us all. The universe doesn’t seem to have trouble operating all of its individual parts, but human beings seem to have trouble recognizing we all want the same thing. To simply enjoy the life that was given to us, while simultaneously being able to explore and create unhindered by that which opposes us in life – whether self-imposed, imagined, or even something external.

Let’s be honest – tornadoes aren’t concerned with our well being…

We are “parts” to a greater whole, and we have the ability to work towards a common end.

But we just need to recognize how things like flags, states, governments, beliefs, perspectives, and so on don’t actually unify us. In actuality these surface details simply shape how we individually perceive and interact with the universe at large.

But the truth of the matter is we don’t need to seek unity because we are one already.

It’s just a matter of recognizing the fact we are connected more than we already know or realize in order to see ONENESS in anyone, everything, and everyplace.

Many blessings and happy Friday!

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