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Apocalypse Had the Right Idea

Warning – slight spoilers from the most recent X-Men: Apocalypse film.

Most people enjoy seeing films (I most certainly do) because they can take one away from the monotony of life for a few hours at a time, even though life has plenty to offer in terms of thrills and chills.

But even so, it still doesn’t hurt to spend some time checking out the views and thought projections of others as long as one takes them with a grain of salt. I.e. reads between the lines without following whatever script the actors on screen are subjected to portray.

So let’s venture down the rabbit hole, shall we?


Super Duper Hero Bloopers typically showcase a rag tag team of fighters standing up to a villainous miscreant, hell-bent on roughing feathers in order to gain the upper hand in some manner of speaking.

And if that was too much of a mouthful, then try this on for size:



Or so the audience is supposed to think…

But what if I were to tell you that lines aren’t always as black or white as we’d like to make them out to be? I.e. polarized views rarely, if ever, establish a balanced point of view.

For instance, let’s consider Mother Earth in all of her splendor. She provides the necessary environment for life to BREATHE, eat, drink, clothe, and so on, right?

But she can also wreck house via natural disasters, plagues, or even go so far as to deprive her children (all life on her belly) of nourishment, drink, and so on, right?

Tumblr – dearmotherearth

So would you consider her to be good, bad, in-between, loosey goosey, or something else altogether? Well the short answer is she is everything and nothing, but ultimately represents creation and destruction depending on the experience of the family losing their house or being blessed with witnessing the budding flowers on a cool Spring day. The same goes for a wolf pack having plenty to eat, or starving due to the lack of meat.

But even then, destruction has its merits in terms of regenerating that which is weak or harmonizing that which is imbalanced. I.e. storms bring rain, showers bring flowers, and too much Sun exposure can produce drought. So take your pick…

(this line of thought should be easy to follow by now – it’s all about BALANCE)

So where does Apocalypse fit into the big picture? After all, he’s the reason we’ve gathered here to discuss such things! Well for starters, it’s pretty hilarious how most reviewers on the web completely missed his point and aims altogether.

Now I’m not putting anyone down, but if you check reviews out then you’ll find a lot of people scratch their heads and literally admit they aren’t quite sure what Apocalypse’s goal was in this film. I.e. it’s difficult for people to pigeon-hole him in a good or bad category, unless one just follows the given script to assume he’s bad for fighting the revered X-Men super duper troopers.

(last warning) SPOILERS (last warning)

Apocalypse comes on the scene after being awakened from a deep slumber, and obviously works to understand just what the hell has been going on for the past few thousand years he’s been dormant. Long story short, he’s disgusted with the manner in which humanity has developed. Then again he awoke in the 80’s… (I’m a 90’s baby, so I can poke)

He basically finds (through television – another mistake on his part) that humanity has been enslaved by the forces of government, religion, and banks – all of whom practically determine how nations and thus people act and behave. I.e. they tell us how to think from an early age so that we blindly accept their paradigms, even though the rest of Mother Earth’s children don’t adhere to the laws of man.

So he tells the first mutant he finds that he wishes to “cleanse” Mother Earth. Oh noes!

At one point a psychic named Jean (the Phoenix) has a premonition of fire, death, and even sees blips of Apocalypse’s face before crying to Professor Xavier that she “saw the end of the world.”

Speeding along – Apocalypse manages to gain control of the minds of those who are within arm’s reach of pushing buttons that can launch the entire nuclear arsenals of the world.

Can you see where this is going?

Well he succeeds with the launch!

reddit – ilikeinfo

He then sends the weapons into the vacuum of space as they drift away from Mother Earth and her children.


I also forgot to add he gave a little speech during the entire ordeal that went a little something like this:

“Always the same, and now all this. No more stones. No more spears. No more slings. No more swords. No more weapons! No more systems! No more superpowers…”

So basically Apocalypse saved the planet by ridding humanity of the same tools that could bring about its destruction, and the X-turds found this action to be a threat. The news channels even posed the question “is this an act of war or peace?” (tells you how twisted our minds are…)

Now granted Apocalypse went a little further and wanted to use mutant powers to wreak havoc across the entire surface of Mother Earth’s belly in order to restore balance. I.e. a lot of people were going to die so a new order of consciousness could spring forth from the ashes.

But then again, he actually had Magneto destroy Auschwitz to symbolize what modern systems of control were capable of producing (while also showing how easily they could be destroyed). For those of you who don’t know – Auschwitz was a concentration camp managed by the Nazis in order to exterminate millions of lives just because they had the means to do just that. Something about racism…

I.e. systems of control like government, religion, and banks are typically responsible for starting wars, genocides, or even ravage environmental harmony between human beings and all life for that matter.

Oh you’re just being harsh and that tin foil hat is blinding me with the Sun hitting it just right!

Think about it, though. Even if it’s just for a second or two.

How many wars have you personally started? How many people have paid you monetary interest? How many people have you persecuted simply because they held different views than you?

Most of you are in the same boat that I am – none at all…

Yet we’re constantly told to vote for leaders who misrepresent the collective whole when given the opportunity. We’re constantly told to pledge allegiance to symbols that only serve to separate humanity as borders keep us from unifying. We’re constantly told to use one method for reaching Heaven (Nirvana, Valhalla, etc.), but we’re damned for all eternity if we choose another. We’re constantly told we need to pay our taxes even though we already pay to live by burning a little something called adenosine triphosphate (look it up).

Not to mention the fact we are born (yay), live (righteous, dude!), and eventually die (bummer). So why do we waste our time, energy, and effort supporting institutions that don’t have our best interests in mind?

Still don’t believe me?

Then look at it this way – GUN CONTROL. Oh no, here we go!

We constantly hear arguments from both sides of the same fence: 

I don’t want the government to abuse my rights, so I need my guns!

I don’t want to be shot in a theater, so guns need to be restricted!

My questions include: Why do we support a government if we’re afraid they’ll abuse us? Why do we feel the need to shoot one another if we’re the same species who breathe the same air, eat the same food, drink the same water, and so on? Why do we spread so much fear and polarize each other until we get so emotionally involved in our arguments that we lose sight of the fact we have the ability to use higher cognitive functions and reasoning?

Or better yet – why do we feel the need to create divisions between ourselves as opposed to recognizing our inherent unity so we can create an environment from which all life can flourish?

So am I implying the following?

Government = BAD

Religion = BAD

Banks = BAD


But I am suggesting their use to spread fear and hysteria to drive a wedge between people causes more harm than good.

So does this mean they should be abolished by a figure like Apocalypse?

Nope (at least not necessarily…)



I’m finished with the caps lock, by the way…

But this is what I want y’all to take from this here post:

We have the ability to step outside of our “Nature” so we can can create an environment that is suitable, sustainable, profitable, and supportive of our healthy growth and development as a species.

So THINK of a world in which those with mental issues get help without having to worry about being turned away for x, y, or z.

THINK of a world in which all children are encouraged to expand their minds without being forced to ascribe to the paradigms that have been in place for thousands of years.

THINK of a world in which all walks of life (all ages) have access to good food, clean water, sturdy shelter, quality healthcare, and so on.

THINK of a world in which humanity lives in harmony with Mother Nature, so that we don’t have to worry about damaging the only home we currently have. Or better yet, a world in which we actively adapt to Mother Nature so she can do her thing without having to kill most of us in the process.

THINK of a world in which religion and spirituality empower life to connect with the universe in ways that are personally meaningful to those who experience them.

THINK of a world in which communities govern themselves so that some dingbat from 1000’s of miles away can’t wave their finger back and forth as they tell people what they can or cannot do in their personal lives.

THINK of a world in which people don’t produce weapons that threaten their very existence, but rather produce things that actively promote their well-being…

And if none of that resonated with ya, then simply do this one thing and you’ll understand:


X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer

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