Assistance Required (please)

Hey there, everyone! I hope y’all had good weekends and a pleasant Monday because this monkey certainly did even though he partied a little too hard, yet managed to pull it together on his Moonday…(that’s right, I misspelled it and that’s okay because)


So in any case,

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Well I need some help and I’ve needed it for a long time, although I’m as stubborn as they come considering I’m Scots-Irish. I.e. I’d prefer to eat potatoes all day than ask for assistance, yet here I am.

So what kind of help? The kind where those who have read or who are currently reading my books can head over to the links below to post a review of those very readings which will always be available for free, although reviews mean potential buyers will be more open to purchasing them because I have to be honest when I say I could use a little moonay. (there I go again with the misspelling, but the world still hasn’t stopped turning)

Why? Well let’s just say it’s hard to make anything in the US of A when one isn’t raised in a financially prosperous family, gets treated like garbage their entire life (23 years), goes no contact (lacks any financial support due to the ‘ole “you make $1 above the poverty line, so you get NOTHING”), lacks any networks or connections (I’m not kidding when I say I’m a hermit), and only carries an associates degree (18 credit hours away from obtaining my Bachelor’s in Social Work because counseling has been a goal of mine even though it’s hard to get through school when once again you lack the funds to do so).

So what do I have? I have two awesome books that I finished before I even turned 25, and their messages can help others out of the same or similar abusive patterns I was subjected for most of my waking experience. Nowadays the mind noodle is supporting my existence because I gave those critics a good beating (abusive programs deserve no remorse in terms of how their victim treats them – after all, it’s your mind noodle and you should get to choose how it works to make your reality into something desirable). I.e. I want to get the word out so others can enjoy the opportunities I’ve experienced personally.

Why? Because I said so. Seriously because there’s no reason why anyone should not have access to the methods that have greatly helped this monkey overcome that which held him down for most of his life. Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is not the end of the road, and you need not suffer in life to grow. Why? Because suffering sucks, that’s why.

So reviews/ratings means eyeballs, which means interest, which means buyers, which means cash flow, which means purchasing an ACTUAL blog template (something that looks great and is simple to navigate), which means plugging Google Analytics into the HTML code, which means my blog can ACTUALLY be found when you try to search for it, which means more people can find it, which means more people get helped (because my BOOKS – the two posted as of now – WILL ALWAYS BE AVAILABLE FOR FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE), which also means I can clean the HTML coding, which means I can hire professionals to assist me because I don’t know what I’m doing.

I have plans, goals, desires, and dreams. Please help by submitting a review/rating at the following:

Blessings from Our Mother – AskDavid.com

Practical Healing…AskDavid.com

Real quick though for those wondering what AskDavid.com is – the site markets books for authors who want to reach a bigger audience. Thus why I chose to post my books to their site, although this is all that is required when you get there:


Each page on AskDavid.com also provides links to purchase the books through Amazon (I dropped the prices to $5.99 and $3.99 for those interested in making a purhcase – Thank You if you choose to do so). Otherwise simply sharing your opinion will be A Okay because something is always better than nothing, and there are buttons for anyone to share the books through various social mediums.

So please,


Ladies and gents, The Pursuit of Happiness

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Free E-Books (2) covering Narcissism, CPTSD, Healing

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