healing from trauma

Gratitude and Thanks

Good morning, everyone and happy Friday! Oh my goodness I cannot believe this week is practically over already…

Well I just wanted to make mention of an epiphany I had last night when I was sharing time with one of my clients (I work with those who are developmentally disabled on the side), so here it goes. We made dinner, feasted, worked on a puzzle, and finished with Disney Monopoly for game time, although the last part got a little frustrating since a thought kept surfacing that made it difficult to accept the fact my client wanted to do something I didn’t really care to do. I’m more of a Sorry guy to be honest…

Careful though because I can be ruthless!

We Heart It – Dust

So I told myself to breathe, relax, and then I realized the game didn’t matter at all. In fact, the activities we do with others don’t necessarily matter because the fact we have an opportunity to spend time with others beyond ourselves is amazing in and of itself!

We don’t have to be alive, yet we are. Mother Earth doesn’t have to supply a breathable atmosphere, but she does. Humans, plants, critters, and so on don’t have to be here.

But they are.

My Mother (the one who has always shown me acceptance, patience, understanding, comfort, warmth, security, nourishment, and so on because she’s the best mother a son could ever ask for) is here to show the same for all who have been rejected, abandoned, and treated less than they deserved. Why? Because life is precious and so are you because you’re alive 🙂


Different but loving…

Many blessings!

Ladies and gents, she put wings on me

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