Inner Beauty (shorty because I can)

Have you suffered abuse? Have you been neglected, rejected, or tested throughout your waking experience when others seemingly won the genetic lottery in terms of landing their infantile behinds in the graces of loving caretakers? Or maybe life was peaches and cream until you ran into “the one” who blew your socks off into the fabric of the cosmos before they pulled the metaphorical rug out from under your roots, which invariably led to your dream crashing down in a spectacularly brilliant fashion that left the very essence of your being wondering whether or not there is any hope left in a world filled with pain?

Know Your Meme

Have life’s shenanigans prevented you from enjoying your waking experience because you find it difficult to even crawl out of bed some mornings? How about dreading what the world may or may not present to ya as soon as ya walk out that front door (assuming you have a door to walk out of…)? Do you find it challenging to care for yourself? Do you question your value, purpose, and character on a regular basis even though you’ve demonstrated time and time again that you don’t go out of your way to cause harm to others? Or even better – do you feel alone in a world  populated with more life than most celestial bodies carry within reasonable distance? If you can identify with any of that…


Or Gal, for the ladies…

You are worth more than you were treated, and you deserve to enjoy the life that was given to you.


Because I said so, that’s why.

🙂 Many blessings 🙂

Free E-Books (2)

The second book entitled Practical Healing: A Guide to Restore Your Life can further help one’s ability to heal from abusive patterns.

Featured Image: Divine Mother – Pinterest

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