Let’s Blame the Victim

Why? Because everyone is doing it nowadays! Kidding, kidding. But now that I’ve gotten some of you to dust your pitchforks off, let’s sit down and look at this from a broader view.

I recently overheard a conversation blasting the maladaptive behaviors of foster kids who came from dysfunctional homes, along with how others should support their removal from society in order to preventive average people (I guess?) from having to deal with those behaviors and the potential risks of creating that situation.

Where did I hear this? I matters not, although I will say this writer was literally asked to support condemning the actions of children who have potentially seen more abuse and neglect than most people will ever experience in their entire lives. This writer’s response?

The world is filled with dysfunction.

I could not believe my ears because it just tears my heart apart to see those in power condemning those without. Now what do I mean by that? Well other than the fact I literally feel as though my left atrium/ventricle are tearing from the right set (it’s a crummy sensation, lemme tell ya), we as a society constantly and consistently expect those who have suffered to “make it up to speed” with the other fishies in life who never had to swim upstream. Know what I mean, jelly bean?

In any case, this description can practically fit everyone in life who has struggled because they happened to be birthed in the wrong place at the the wrong time. Now granted no two experiences are the same since each varies with regards to intensity and length.

Although if you’ve had to overcome learned behavioral challenges stemming from faulty mental programming, then you’ve struggled. If you’ve been treated less than just because someone could, then you’ve struggled. If you’ve had to swim upstream in life due to abuse, neglect, abandonment, rejection, fear, and so on, then you’ve struggled.

Are any of those words connected with plenty? Nah, more like poverty. But going without what exactly? Love which offers nourishment, comfort, acceptance, warmth, security, and so on…

Now does poverty define an economic station? It can, although it’s more of a mindset in reality. But my heart has been broken! Well you only thought it was. Uhhh oh, now I’m starting to get a reaction from some of you. Better turn this back ’round! Think about it.

An individual who is truly free in the universe has no constraints in terms of choosing what they want for themselves. I.e. they were raised in an environment that fostered their healthy growth and development, which in turn gave their mind the opportunity to see the world from a radically different point of view when compared to that of someone who was treated like garbage on the reg.

Can a healthy mind still experience emotional turmoil? Of course – that’s not the point. A healthy mind can ultimately cope with the stresses of life, and more effectively than a mind that has been repeatedly rattled by the forces of entropy (that which breaks down). So it doesn’t make sense for people to disregard the value of struggling individuals because if we all helped each other develop, then we’d have a Utopia on our hands.


Oh you’re just being an idealist! Stop filling us with false hope and just accept that life is crummy.


I refuse to accept those answers as valid in any capacity or form because my mind noodle knows it’s possible. But how? Because an organism at war with itself is doomed, my friends. With the understanding that we have the space, resources, knowledge, and capability to create a life worth living, there’s absolutely no reason why humanity cannot come together as one to ascend beyond what we ever imagined ourselves capable of achieving.

But we have to confront the elephants in the room – they’ve been taking up too much space, and it’s best to clear one’s mind noodle so the ship doesn’t get bogged down with scarcity thinking produced by the fear of going without.

MrsSaban – Imgur

Everyone knows slavery existed throughout the past (it still does, even the US calls its working class “wage slaves”), but did ya know that it’s difficult to get up when you’ve been kicked repeatedly while down?

Well think about it! Human beings throughout history have been bought and sold as property – talk about creating some of the most psychopathic/narcissistic systems the world has ever known. Africans in particular were brought to America and were always expected to be less than since Jehovah/Allah/others said it was okay to enslave people, and some of their followers did just that with the excuse “our Father said it was okay.” Let’s be honest, humans have been quite mean to each other throughout the past for political, religious, economic, etc. reasons, and it’s happened over most of the regions humans have settled.

So this is what I don’t understand in regards to humanity’s methodology for taking care of itself – the fact we completely want to disregard the pains of the past. Now just wait a second and see where I’m going with this as opposed to jumping to conclusions for those who immediately thought “oh here we go, another guilt trip for something I didn’t do.”

No, not exactly. Why? Because you didn’t do it! Our (as in humanity) ANCESTORS as a collective whole have been crummy to each other throughout time, and this simply means there are plenty of scars to heal. But just leave them in the past where they belong!

Try telling an individual suffering from complex post traumatic stress disorder – stemming from prolonged abuse/neglect (more than likely from a caretaker) – to just get over the past…

Whether you intend for it or not, you’re basically telling them their experience was invalid or at the very least valid for a time even though it had a warranty that’s been expired. It’s real easy for the person who wasn’t abused to cast judgement, but it’s even harder for the suffering individual to enjoy their lives to the fullest when their mind is constantly attacking their self-worth.

Once again, it’s difficult for a mind to accept the beauty and abundance in life when it has been constantly beaten for simply existing. But it can be reprogrammed to accept a new paradigm altogether. However, empathy needs to come into play for that happen. The current systems of the world, be it political, legal, medical, BANKING, religious, and so on do not collectively empathize with humanity since basic needs are rarely met across the board.

This in turn allows for the dysfunctional patterns that existed in the past to continue perpetuating as average people walk around, blindly accepting the existence of such patterns since “that’s just the way things are.” Well this monkey disagrees wholeheartedly because his mind noodle says “that may have been so for the past 4,000 years, but it doesn’t have to continue being that way.”

(recorded history, not of the existence of our species or the world/universe…we are nothing in the grand scheme of things – a mere drop of water part of an ocean greater than all of the oceans of Mother Earth combined…pretty humbling when you think about it)

We all share something in common that transcends our nationalities, religious/spiritual affiliations, backgrounds, favorite football teams (soccer or Bobby Bushay’s version) and so on.


So why don’t we recognize the fact we all have blood, require oxygen, clean water, quality healthcare, and ultimately quality self-care in order to live a life worth living? Let’s cast judgement aside and seek to develop balanced and healthy relationships with each other that will lead to humanity’s ascension towards a better here and now as opposed to a tomorrow that will never come (even though political figures and advertisers would have you think otherwise)? It really just comes down to a choice between fear and love.

This means of course that we must accept the fact we are dysfunctional because our ancestors didn’t have their ducks in a row either, so we can blame them for being so rotten. But there’s no excuse for our species to continue denigrating itself as opposed to helping itself rise through encouragement and support. Any experience that involves a state of impoverishment will be difficult to suffer, although it needn’t be that way in a world where human beings actively work to help each other as though we were never separate to begin with.

Don’t believe me? Check out the amazing recovery Hiroshima made…

History – Hiroshima Eight Months After Bombing

Snopes – Hiroshima 65 Years Later

Many Blessings

Ladies and gents, I am lookin’ for Freedom…

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