Meditate to Resuscitate


Meditation might sound lame or boring to some of you folks out there, and that’s okay because not everyone enjoys the same cup of tea. In fact, some prefer coffee! To each their own.

But did ya know that meditation can help restore the mind noodle’s ability to function properly? (even after it’s been subjected to abuse repeatedly throughout its experience)

It’s safe to say the internet has plenty of resources one can seek to understand how meditative practices will improve the overall physiological health of those who use them routinely, so let’s not spend time on that because I know y’all have Google if you’re reading this. Or maybe you’re that one guy who likes Bing? Everyone has preferences, and that’s okay.

The point is this: meditation provides the opportunity to develop self-awareness (both within and without), as well as the chance to produce a state of inner peace that flows as a river runs towards the ocean that catches it.

And there he goes with the metaphors again…

JediKnight – Imgur

The second part alludes to having the ability to go with the flow as opposed to getting your feathers all ruffled. I.e. one’s inner state is so peaceful that troubles of the outside become increasingly manageable.

So does that mean life can still be messy? Well ya! I mean, it’s a dysfunctional universe that produces little function. But one can always learn to adjust their sails in order to steady their ship on the waves that surround them. It’s all in perspective, and one’s perspective will improve if they actively work to slow their mind noodle down.

After all, dysfunction rarely produces anything functional. But that’s not to say this writer is any better than the reader because he’s a monkey just like you. So for those suffering from C-PTSD, depression, or any other less than stellar issue that is understandably casting a shadow upon your experience in life – chill and rest your mind.

Be gentle with yourself and offer yourself a space to relax. You’ll be glad you did. Don’t know where to start? Check out Practical Healing: A Guide to Restore Your Life for free (link below) because it has a guided meditation as well as ways to improve visualizations.

Many Blessings

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