Mind Tricks

Jedi Mind Trick

Today is a shortee, although it’s highly effective in terms of ridding oneself of negative thoughts and their patterns that constrict one’s ability to enjoy their life.

Have you ever heard the same thought repeatedly even though it may be something condescending or degrading? Those are particularly hard to shake, especially if they’re tied to something important.

You can’t do that! You’re awful for having done that! You’re gonna crash and burn…

Mmmm lovely!

Well try this whenever you hear a recurring thought pattern that makes you feel less than stellar – it involves a little visualization, but anyone can do it. Check this out and you’ll get it just fine.


That’s it?


Lemme explain so it makes sense to those left scratching their heads. The subconscious is powerful in that it translates symbols such as images, words, etc. into physical manifestation. I.e. when one purposefully directs their thoughts towards producing a specific result, they more than likely will achieve that which they sought!

So whenever you have a thought you dislike because it’s not something that supports your healthy growth and development, visualize rolling it into a ball right before launching it into the fabric of the cosmos. It’s as simple as that.

Now I usually see unwanted thoughts and internal garbage as tar-like, black masses of energy. Easy to spot and much easier to shake when you realize they don’t look that pretty. All it takes is for you to spot it, roll it, toss it up, and smack it with that bat so you can shake its crumminess.

The results? You may grow a few extra arms or fingers…nah, I’m just playing. But in all seriousness results should be achieved instantly. I’ll typically hear something I don’t care to hear (e.g. you can’t do that) before tossing and launching it. Afterwards the thought goes away, and better yet – it’ll be replaced by something more positive. In other words, you can’t becomes YOU CAN.

Plus, it’s interesting to note that the mind noodle will even forget what was bothering you when you rid yourself of its toxic influence. So when something has been repeated without hindrance while having been effectively tossed, the mind will have trouble remembering exactly what originally caused the disturbance.

Have fun cleaning those mind noodles 🙂 They belong to you, so take care of them and don’t accept that which doesn’t support your healthy growth and development.

Many blessings!

Ladies and gents, cover those ears

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