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Environ(mental) Issues

The environment reflects one’s state of being, both within and without. Now just what in the hell does that mean? Two things:

  • One’s inner state (emotional currents, thought patterns, life affirming biological functions) will shape their experience in the world that surrounds them.

Example: An elderly man may find it difficult to use stairs since his muscles and bones aren’t as sprightly as they were in his youth, so this in turn would probably dissuade him from using them (either the stairs or his fledgling body). Now let’s say the man in question attended a concert at a stadium that didn’t offer handicap accessible areas via elevators or escalators.

What do you think his state of mind would be like? His emotions? Well we already know his body has been tattered and torn through years of use, although this doesn’t necessarily reflect his emotional/psychological disposition. But it can.

He may feel ashamed, guilty, downtrodden, defeated, or inadequate for not being able to enjoy the concert because he was physically unable to conquer a flight of stairs. This in turn would mean his mind would be actively cursing both him and the air that filled his immediate space – I used to be able to do this without issue, and now I can’t even enjoy a concert. Bah humbug! He may think to himself.

Thus we have the manifestation of a human being who is not only throwing turds in his own punch bowl (and for those who sit to taste it), but also the experience of rejection, isolation, and separation. Fun times! Buuuuuut it doesn’t have to be like that…

  • One’s outer state (immediate or distant environment – home, work, gym, nature, etc.) will shape the inner experience that can make life into cake or turds

Example: A young boy thought it would be a great idea to launch himself into space without the proper space attire (ya know – breathing apparatuses, face shields, and so on). So we should all know how this is going to end

In other words, it would behoove him to build sandcastles on a sunny day at the beach. Or bring a suit next time! The point to be made is that one’s inner state would probably be more serene on the beach as opposed to launching into the fabric of the cosmos. After all, the latter would certainly be more intense.

So what’s the point? Well humanity needs to work on both in order to create a life worth living. Ya know – providing everyone with what they need most so their life doesn’t feel like a giant turd? Elevators and space suits? Anything humans need to make life livable and even heavenly if we so dare.

This is turn means that adults need to be more conscientious in terms of how they raise their offspring. Why? Because the mind will be shaped by the manner in which it is raised. This in turn means the environment, regardless of “its” actual state of being, will be perceived by the manner in which the mind processes information it receives from the environment it occupies.

So the old man from before? If his parents programmed (raised) him to look at the bright side of life, he probably would have sought another way to enjoy the concert. Why? Well if he was constantly told:

  • You CAN do it
  • You ARE loved
  • You ARE wanted
  • You ARE smart, strong, handsome, and so on…

Then he might not have resorted to chastising himself repeatedly for not achieving what was beyond his actual ability. Why? Well because his parents positively reinforced his existence which in turn set him up for life. It’s okay to accept the reality of our shortcomings, although that also means there’s little room left for feeling ashamed about them. Unless of course we repeatedly throw turds in punch bowls – then we really should work towards creating a suitable environment for all to enjoy.

Why? Because I said so.

Kidding as always, but sitting around feeling sorry for yourself doesn’t help you or anyone else. Be proud of what you’ve been able to accomplish in life because it’s amazing you’re even here! If your parents were monsters like the ones that raised this writer, then I know it’s difficult for you to enjoy the life that was given to you. Why? Well it’s not easy to put one foot in front of the other when you’ve constantly been treated like garbage.

So that’s not your foul because you didn’t fail to raise yourself – your caretakers dropped that ball. I.e. start encouraging yourself by acknowledging what you’ve accomplished. Does it matter if you find the cure for cancer? Well I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate the intent and result, but you should give yourself pats on the back for accomplishing something as simple as brushing your teeth.

Why? Because that’s what a loving parent would do for their developing child.

Many blessings.

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