Story Time (Blessings)

Narcissism is a force that utterly cripples an individual’s sense of belonging and self-worth in a world that is constructed and developed by a puppeteer. These predators care nothing for the sanctity of life, nor do they care for the preservation of life. Instead they are drawn to the notion that life is a game in which they must exert total influence in order to succeed.

This simply means that anyone who refuses to play their assigned role will be swiftly and voraciously dealt with, whether by discarding or burning that which is theirs into smoldering cinders.

Love involves supporting another’s growth and development by acknowledging their right to enjoy life. This means that an individual will not knowingly put another down for any reason or in any manner. This means that an individual will openly show concern for another’s suffering by showing compassion and empathy.

This means that an individual will show humility while listening to another’s fears or concerns. This means that an individual will extend the same level of respect and dignity to others as they would want shown to themselves. This means that an individual will recognize that forces reside beyond themselves that live a completely different experience from their own.

But most importantly, love shows an individual’s willingness to accept and embrace another’s differences as long as those differences do not cause physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual harm.

So if one has never experienced love in its truest form, it is highly unlikely they will be able to determine what love means to them. I know that I personally had difficulty defining love because at one time I thought love was simply the act of giving yourself whole-heartedly to another so their needs and wants were met. If you consistently give the shirt off of your back to those who are in need, they will eventually acknowledge your worth as an individual.

Ha! The irony with thought pattern is that people will more than likely take advantage of your unwavering loyalty. In other words if you keep doing the work for them, they’ll let you! A narcissist is one of the laziest shmucks you’ll find around since they are more than happy for others to tend to their responsibilities. ME, ME, ME, is the narcissistic motto that is driven by the beat of their drum on a daily basis.

One of the greatest factors adversely affected by an individual who has been entwined within a narcissist’s pattern is their relation to the world as it is. This includes their relationships to people, places, and things as well.

The stigmas they create in their own mind begin to project the notion that everything is toxic in their environment, and this leads them to bring those concerns to the surface by shining a light on that which is dysfunctional. Now this could be with family, friends, images, or even thoughts concerning things that have ties with the abuser in question.

Excerpt from Blessings from Our Mother – A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Featured Image: salvarado24 – Imgur

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