Sisyphus, Chill!

The Greek tale of Sisyphus depicts a gentleman being condemned by the Gods to continuously roll a boulder up an incline before having it roll back down the opposite side.

Talk about wasting one’s time…

Well the wonderful thing about myths is how one can relate them to their own lives.


It’s true!

Have you ever done the same thing repeatedly while expecting a different result? Or have you ever continuously done something because you figured there were no other possible avenues to pursue?

If you said yes to either of those, then you’ve experienced the suffering that Sisyphus endured in his tale. That is having faced defeat even though one placed so much effort, time, and energy into something – be it a relationship, a job, a routine, etc.

Life is funny like that – at least in how it shows one where they’re running into walls left and right. But when the signs are most clear, one has to decide whether to ease the gas or push onward.

We all face choices, and my choice was to practically obsess over this blog.

I have a good message – that is how I’ve experienced enough suffering to recognize how crummy it is to subject others to pain since life is already hard enough as it is, so it would behoove people to get over their unique differences to unify for the betterment of the whole.

Why? Because it just makes sense.

But I’ve also been learning to relax and ease off the gas in certain situations. You know, take a chill pill? It’s vital one gets enough rest, although it’s equally important to create space away from work so the mind noodle can dock for maintenance.

A.k.a. a breather!

People will be drawn to the message, so there’s little I have to do – other than continue writing of course.

So cheers to those who have continued to follow! I’m really proud of myself for the progress I’ve made as of late (hanging out with more people, messaging more people, getting out and about, feeding myself, and more).

Life can be difficult when CPTSD is holding one back, although it can be overcome so that life can be enjoyed like never before.

Many blessings and Happy Tuesday!

Featured Image: Pinterest

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