Random Thoughts

Imagine If…

Dreams are wonderful to have because they can show one where they can land their feet.

Imagine if the world looked different than it did.

See a world where MLK’s Dream manifested without a second thought – the idea and ultimate truth that we human beings are all connected to each other, and how we are destined to ascend the hardships our ancestors suffered by working hand in hand to create a life worth living.

A life in which every individual has the opportunity to enjoy the life they were given because love and empathy have encouraged all to care for one another.

We are all brothers and sisters, regardless of where we come from or how we’re conditioned to behave. There are differences between us, but that’s okay.

There are wolves among the sheep, and that’s not to say wolves are awful beings for existing since they’re wonderfully family (pack, group) oriented in regards to how they interact with each other.

It’s all for one and one for all because the group will suffer higher deficits than it normally does if dissension and discord rest within the heart of consciousness.

Strings tugging and pulling on the machinations of division and separation – defeat and dismay – to see a world so bleak and dreary that it would seem impossible to create anything different.

However, human predators are few and far between since psychopaths and narcissists constitute a numerical minority when one compares their numbers to the rest of those who don’t hand out turd sandwiches consistently during the time we have on this proverbial garden floating in a void of darkness.

The first predator – psychopath – comprises a mere one percent of the general population while the second – narcissist – sits around five percent of the general population.

I.e. a numerical minority because the total human population is just under 7.5 billion.

The figures still look high, although the percentage points show a great imbalance that favors those who have a conscious and can actively empathize with the world around them.

However, we must put our collective foot down and refuse abuse within and without ourselves in order to transcend from where we’ve come. From what we’ve endured.

This author knows fully well how difficult it is to create a life worth living when one is mired in the trenches of CPTSD from having received abuse and torment in place of love and acceptance.

But this author also knows that one can rise above it all.

Once again we must start by putting our collective foot down as we join together to create a life worth living.

These predators do not offer love, at least without strings attached. For what is love?

It is the sense that one is accepted wholeheartedly for who they are – a force in the universe sent to express the uniqueness of that which comprises it.

It is the understanding that one will always be nourished in mind, body, and spirit.

We can do this because we’re fully capable. There are plenty of resources and we already have the proper space – a sandbox from which to build and create for generations to come.

It only takes a little imagination to plant the seeds of tomorrow.

Ladies and gents, Nothing Will Stop Me

Featured Image: WalrusSir – Imgur

Happy Monday 🙂

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