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Duality: Two Sides to Every Coin

Reality is fairly turd-like.

Well it can be anyhow!

But more importantly, the universe is comprised of polar opposites no matter where ya look.

So without further ado, y’all know the drill – down the rabbit hole we go…

The Nerdist

Heads – Tails

Male – Female

Light – Dark

Good – Evil

Hot – Cold

Harmony – Chaos

Peace – War

Black – White

And no, there’s no rhyme or reason to that list because women aren’t to be strictly associated with entropic forces. Why? Because I said so.

After all, everyone has bits and pieces of each within themselves.

Why? Because I said so.

See how much easier this is when you agree with me?

Nah – I’m just playin’

But seriously, why do you think there’s an opposite for everything under Father Sun?

Because that’s how the universe is set up!

Our own bodies generally have two eyes, two ears, two pairs of feet, two arms, two kidneys, two lungs, two cerebral hemispheres (brain lobes), and so on.

Now why is that?

Because that’s how the universe is set up!

Unfortunately this also means most people walk around categorizing experiences as good or bad, exciting or boring, pleasurable or torturous, and so on.

But isn’t that right since we live in a dualistic turd of dysfunction?


(pun intended)


One always has a third option when determining the outcome of a coin toss.

Heads or tails represent the dualistic forces we’ve discussed thus far.

However, can you think of what the third option is?

Take a second to think about it.

There’s no rush, so take your time and don’t sprain your mind noodle.

Alright, have you figured it out?

Here it is:


Just because a coin is tossed doesn’t mean an individual HAS to decide what the outcome will be.

Another way of putting it – just because one is a product of this universe, doesn’t mean they have to participate within its readily perceived parameters of expectation.


I.e. not everyone enjoys the same cup of tea.

So what’s the point?

Well humanity has spent the past few thousand years beating itself over the head because certain mind noodles were more comfortable with culturally imbued norms, while others fell beyond the range of what normally resonated with those who practiced those customs.

Science, art, religion, spirituality.

All have a place in the universe since they describe how it functions from their point of view.

It’s all in perspective.


PlutosBeard – Imgur

 But religion is wrong!

But science doesn’t have all of the answers!

But art – is just cool.

Pinterest (Buzzfeed)

But spirituality is a waste of time because it doesn’t work!


You obviously haven’t been paying attention…

Did you ever consider what may work for you may not work for someone else?

Or better yet, did you ever consider what may resonate with you may not with those who reside beyond you?

Or better YET

Did you ever consider that something may be inherently dysfunctional, although it could be practiced due to the prevalence of its use throughout time?



 Did you ever consider that something may work even though you’ve never experienced it for yourself?

Because I know most if not all of us have assumed something is dog poo simply because it seems too preposterous to conceive in the mind noodle that rests atop our meat bags…

Now what does all of that mean?

Well the short answer reads as follows:

No one is in a position to invalidate the experience of another being as long as that being is not causing harm to those who reside beyond it.

Why? Because life is rare and no one can fully grasp the perceptions of another.

To do so would mean they would have to experience the other’s life from inception to the present.

Why? Because past experiences shape the connections our neurons make – especially when something occurs repeatedly overtime.

Like prolonged abuse…

These experiences then craft the manner in which one perceives the world around them, and this is one of the reasons abuse victims confuse love with degradation as opposed to something uplifting and encouraging.

The world looks the way it does because everyone has experienced life both similarly and differently.

Dualism again!

Religion is great for those who need structure, but not everyone needs a set of rules to impose on themselves to ensure they don’t stab others.

But then again, some have used religion to justify stabbing others…

Okay then – science!

What about it?

Science is the pinnacle of human ingenuity and can lead our species into paradise!

IShouldProbablyBeMoreCareful – Imgur


Art isn’t always cool by the way…


As for the existence of spirit? One word – psychedelics.

Free Wallpaper Background

This is the actual point:

Pinterest (The Odyssey Online)

If something positive is gained from developing a relationship with the universe, then have a it!

But don’t waste time trying to invalidate another’s experience.

Why? You’ve got your own experience to gain something from – not to mention the fact that the universe has something to offer everyone.

Some people like tea.

Others like coffee.

Some dislike both.

To each their own.

Humanity can work to create a life that anyone can enjoy.

Why? Because we’re just that cool!

But we’ve gotta get over the whole who’s right and who’s wrong game since that limits our inherent ability to connect with each other.

It’s okay to reject something because it doesn’t resonate with you, although it’s perfectly fine to appreciate something from a distance even though you may not want to ascribe to its doctrines or teachings.

Pinterest (BuzzFeed)

So with that being said, the universe is more like a pendulum.

Sure there are opposites!

But you’ll find most things fall between the extremes, much like most people.

Be kind to one another.

Be gentle to each other.

Be loving to all.

But more importantly, ensure you treat yourself so you can extend the same in kind to those around you.

Life is rare in this universal turd of duality.

So let’s make the most of our collective experience by encouraging that which works while simultaneously discouraging that which doesn’t work.

Many blessings!

Ladies and gents, What the Bleep Do We Know?

Featured Image: Tumblr

Hey reader! My name is Aaron Carlisle and I’ve been healing from 23 years of narcissistic abuse and parental neglect which resulted in me having to contend with CPTSD. So check out the free versions of my books if you haven’t already to see my experiences and how I’ve healed from them. Peace 🙂

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