Story Time (part 2)

Part 1 (for those who missed it)

The smell of freshly cooked bacon filled the air as it drifted throughout the house, and Michael started imagining the breakfast buffet that awaited him. Rows of cakes, sizzling sausage, softened pancakes covered in syrup, and a fruit smoothie to top it all off.

If only – he thought to himself.

As he approached the kitchen, all that could be heard was the clashing of pans and utensils as whomever cooked had apparently finished.

It’s about time you got out of bed, and you wonder why your father calls you lazy! harped his mother.

It was seven in the morning.

Michael just lowered his head as he was accustomed to receiving such acclaimed reviews from those who shared the space they collectively called home.

The bacon smells really good, is there any left?

Not unless you head down to the store and get more! Damn kids thinking they can ask for anything in life and expect to get it…

Michael kept looking down as his mother started another one of her tirades. Now one might think – how awful a mother she must be for not offering her child something to eat. Never mind the fact she completely ignored his disposition before leaving promptly following the pep talk.

Although this was life as he knew it – he had a home, parents, and attended school. So everything was as it should have been, according to Michael at least.

To be continued…

Featured Image: Imgur

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