Story Time (part 1)

Howdy y’all! It’s your favorite neighborhood author, and I’m here to bring ya the opener to a short series we’ll be starting…

Why? Because I said so.

Besides, those mind noodles are still gonna get shattered by yours truly!

erikahaleyjonas’s Bucket

Enjoy and comment below to let me know what ya think.

Part 1: Morning Tremors

The ground shook beneath as the building started to crumble – the supports collapsing from the pressures of having to carry too much weight.

For it had been less than three days since the bombing started.

Michael awoke to the sounds of tank treads thundering in the distance while air raid sirens sounded forth as if to fill the space between the booming mortar rounds.

Where is Mother?! he thought before suddenly bolting for the door.

He then awoke to find himself covered in sweat.

His eyes were slightly dazed from having been triggered in his sleep.

Another night terror, although they seem to be getting worse he mumbled as if to receive confirmation.

Michael then slumped out of bed to peer at the cracked mirror that sat atop his dresser.

Although his blood-shot gaze quickly deterred him from looking onward.

To be continued…

Ladies and gents, listen to CocoRosie

Featured Image: curiouslychanging (Tumblr)


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