Love is in the Air

Everywhere I look around…

Seriously though, this author has been showered repeatedly with objects and symbols of love to ensure he gets used to that which he has feared for most of his life.

After all, it’s difficult to accept love if one’s emotional dictionary confuses love with abuse.


Well abuse sucks! That’s why…

Plus my “loving” parents – an alcoholic father and a malignant narcissistic mother greatly helped this author close himself to love.

Oh well, we needed it for a time to keep safe.

But eventually one needs to drop their deuce or get off the pot altogether!

So how much did this author close himself to the idea of love?

Ya know – developing a relationship, sharing space with another, feeling the warmth of another as they embrace your being without hindrance, and so on and so forth?

Well he turned to isolation because allowing another in close proximity could POTENTIALLY open himself to hurt.

That’s right ladies and gents, this author was afraid of the potential!

I.e. women could just look at him, and he’d react by vomiting to deter the observer from approaching.

Imgur – danebol

Well maybe not that drastic…

But he worked to push people away for so long that it became second nature.

He even got messages in the mail with headers that read:


This author’s response?


But alas, even love breaks the toughest barriers with time.

How much time?


He grew to accept the idea of love in that love has nothing to do with abuse.

Once the separation was made, then his mind noodle pondered the idea of cooking food for the opposite sex.

After all, a meal can be shared with the touch of love.

A little cayenne, some salt, pepper, and a lil’ love to top it off!

Although, it didn’t take long for that thought to become a fantasy.

Imagining how lovely it would be to tell someone how beautiful they are. To accept them, and have them know you will never reject them for who they are.

Unless of course they’re into cannibalism or questionably exotic sex acts.

To each their own, but let’s take things slow before we get there…

Just kidding!

(not into that)

In any case, this author will no longer digress.

Back to the dream!

He smiled and his chest radiated such warmth, so much one could mistakenly believe the Sun itself rested alongside his heart. His arms wrapped around her torso as they pulled her closer so that she would know how much he wanted her. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

She responded in kind by giggling as he spoke softly in her ear – tickling her with his playful words. For she knew he loved her, more than anything.

Well maybe not more than anything. I mean, he’s gotta love himself before he can extend that compassion to those around him. But regardless, they were a perfect fit.

How so, one may ask?

Well they were raised in Hell and understood what it meant to go without. They knew what it meant to feel alone, to feel lost, to be overwhelmed by the pain of knowing their own caretakers cared little for them.

But alas this is what brought them together. Their bond was inseparable because they worked to establish an environment that encouraged their growth and development, along with those who followed in their footsteps.

Love was their legacy, and the world would never look the same as it had before. For lux and happiness were theirs for the taking.


A man can dream, can’t he?

One more thing and this author will wrap up today’s message of love.

This author saw the Deadpool flik last night, and it was awesome! Y’all should check it out if you haven’t already…

But in any case worry not because this author won’t spoil anything for those who haven’t seen it.

Long story short – no matter how ugly or broken you perceive yourself to be, there will always be someone, something, or someplace in the universe that will accept you wholeheartedly.

Damn? All of that from a superhero flik?

Yep, yep!

Last but not least, this author LOVED the following video he saw in theaters before seeing Inside Out. (another excellent flik)

A family sat in front of this author, and the father scoffed at the video because it didn’t resonate with him.

Maybe he had all of the love he needed? Who knows.

In any case, this author got all giddy and excited when he saw the following imagery and song.

Ladies and gents, let’s find someone to lava

Featured Image: The Love Bug

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