PROGRESS – Stayin’ Alive!!!

This writer gave himself a big pat on the back for having done his homework!

Oh my – so many exclamation marks…

Same Tumblr

Oh my…

My, indeed!

This author wasn’t kidding when he mentioned how wonderful it is to have a universal template for a parent running things behind the scenes to ensure his inner child (soul fragments that broke away from the whole to allow for its survival) would be properly tended in order to evoke changes.

Y’all be like


I.e. this author made a leap in healing!!!


Okay, okay – I was working with a client earlier this evening, and some things happened that have triggered me in the past.

Although tonight went easy peasy!!!

Have you ever tried to drain a can of beans over a kitchen island counter-top?

Me neither, but that didn’t stop my client from attempting the feat.

Oh the mess this author had to clean up…

How did thou react both internally and outwardly?

Well outwardly this author became extremely quiet – not shut down, but rather calm as he told himself that it would behoove him to focus on the task at hand as opposed to unleashing a series of grunts and sighs.

He then felt the same peace within…

Not a worry or frustration was felt throughout the process, although let it be known this author was extremely focused on the task at hand.

So he cleaned everything without saying a word.

But as soon as he finished, he immediately stuck a fist out for his companion in arms to bump as he reassured him that everything was good because all had been taken care of.

This author and his client then sat down to play Disney Monopoly before feasting on a homemade Veggie Firehouse Chili recipe coupled with a healthy dose of honey-coated Jiffy cornbread.



Once our bellies were full, we then enjoyed dessert – Vanilla Cream Things (I forgot what they were called, but I had two because I can).

India Mart

But at one point, a kitty crashed the party!

Different time, same situation

3x to be exact…

However this author kept his cool throughout because he is especially patient with animals. But when that third time came around, he gently placed his hands around the kitty before telling her I’m gonna lift you up because you won’t move, so please move if you don’t want me to lift you.

She suddenly threw a small fit of rage before biting this author.

He then said Stop – don’t do that, and then the companion started swinging his fists at the author.

Everyone was being triggered!

But not this author…

He calmly sat back in his chair and asked his client to focus on relaxing and breathing.


Everyone calmed down and the author informed his partner in crime (we sneak Taco Bell into movie theaters – but we ALWAYS clean up after ourselves) that he wasn’t angry and understood that the client’s reaction was the manner in which he could best articulate what he felt at that moment in time.

The game then went on without hindrance.


This author then traveled to the mall to walk off that food.

And he realized…

He is no longer afraid!!!

Of what exactly?





Because this author is ready to start living his to the fullest!!!

I was all like this while walking about, doin mai thang


Considering I used to be like this 24/7

New Republic

 We CAN do this.

Many Blessings and Happy Friday 🙂

Ladies and gents, Oh Happy Day

Featured Image: Success Kid


    1. Thank you for the feedback, Katherine! Layv and Praise 🙂 I’ll look into shutting off ads entirely because I’d prefer ya’ll to read the content comfortably…


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