Running from Love

 ♥ Long time no see! ♥

The man stepped out his car before proceeding to the warm innards of his destination. The cold air filled his lungs as he made his way to the doors of the town’s local mall.

Lot’s of cars here today, no different than usual.

– he thought to himself.

Oh there’s Dana! Eh she didn’t see me, so keep going.

People passed by, though he looked onward. Pushing forward while sporting that oh-so-friendly look that read “come within a parsec of my orbit and I’ll smash you to  bits.”

I feel really defensive today, but I’m not sure why? Maybe I just wokeup on the wrong side of the bed? Or maybe it’s something else entirely?

Thoughts began surging across the membranous regions of his mind noodle before realizing he’d been swept away by their current. At that moment in time, the man found himself torn between thinking and feeling what little he could.

His eyes narrowed, their vision dimmed. And with that the tunnel vision set in, although he lowered his gaze towards the floor below. Why? Well to avert his eyes from looking at those who shared space with him.

Keep going! Make another lap or two and head off.

Hey, she smiled at me!

For a brief moment the man reciprocated the same kindness. But oh how brief a moment it was! For it did not take long for the broken record to continue playing in his head while he willingly danced to its dysfunctional tune. Walking along with his chest raised as if to repel any with his display of alpha monkey lingo.

It seemingly worked! No one, and this author means NO ONE willingly approached the man to greet the day in a cheerful way. Although that’s rather hard to accomplish when one is unapproachable.

I just wish someone would rescue me.

How great would it be to share space with another, to hold hands, and enjoy each other’s company?!

Keep walking! Get it in gear, you’ve gotta do this yourself!!

NO ONE is going to rescue that whiny little boy.

Tears flowed from the ducts that produced them, although the man was proficient at holding them back. Even while an inner critic was beating his inner child to smithereens.

Keep going.

But I feel uncomfortable! I just need to get home and rest.

This capitulation merely gave the critic more forest to burn. Crippling the inner child and man alike, bringing both to their knees as it had always done. Unchallenged, unmoved, and untamed. An unforgiving force that relentlessly beat any who dared defy its thundering words!

 The man soon left the warmth of the indoors to embrace the harshness of winter, although something snapped. The critic continued to tear him apart, but the man started to growl. The rage bursting from within became too much for his body to sit idly by!

He envisioned his inner child crying aloud in that darkened space where most parts were found during times similar to the one filling the page before the reader and author alike. He saw a blackened form, twisted in appearance, lashing out at the vulnerable child.

At that moment lightening enveloped the menace before more harm could be dealt, and the vicious cycle was promptly broken before being led to the cold darkness of the chasm that rested beneath.

The man reached out to the child who readily denied his touch. They all hate me! The boy cried out in pain, they rejected me for so long!! 

The boy had suffered for too long to trust, though the man had dealt with this before. He realized the lad needed a Mother’s touch to break the spell that deprived him of the love he never received. Mother! shouted the man. 

At that moment, light enveloped the distraught child. Their mother embraced the lonely soul fragment and held him tightly to her person. She then rocked him back and forth, steady yet with purpose. After all, this was her specialty!

Hush little baby, don’t you cry. Momma’s gonna sing you a lullaby, and when that lullaby is heard, you’ll  be comforted by your momma’s words. She sang to the boy, and thankfully too! For her love diminished his sense of feeling so blue. I’ll take care of him, you run along – she then told the man who sat in his car once more.

He then returned home to find his cat resting on the clothes he laid across the bed earlier this morning, and it wasn’t long before he found himself sharing his experience with the world at large.


So that was this author’s morning! By the way, we’re feeling much better now (the inner child and the man that is).

 Practice makes for better results when dealing with a critic (inner or outer), although it can be done.

How effectively? Well that child can now be free to embrace the love this universe can offer since he’ll be shown love by a universal template.

If your parents were monsters, worry not because the universe can help you with that.

In what way?

Ladies and gents, I never heard this song until after the fact…(that’s how)

🙂 Synchronicity 🙂

Many Blessings!

Featured Image: Keep Calm

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