Body Communication [What Language(s) Does Your Temple Speak?]

In 1971, Albert Mehrabian published a book Silent Messages, in which he discussed his research on non-verbal communication. He…assigned 55 percent of their weight to the speaker’s body language and another 38 percent to the tone and music of their voice. [He] assigned only 7 percent to…actual words.

Ubiquity (more here)

The article linked above questions the validity of the commonly proposed suggestion that nonverbal communication is more vital with establishing relationships when one compares it to spoken words.

Down the rabbit hole we go…

Smells, sounds, sights, feels, and flavors flooded the senses as one temporarily left the comfort of their shell.

But what if that shell is always worn?

What if one never risks abdicating their illusion of control?

Oh but my shell brings protection! It offers comfort! For none can break the mighty carapace that shields me from the wickedness of men, harshness of weather, and the ferocity of beasts alike!


But how many friends do you have?


How many people can you reach out to when you’re in dire need of support?


How many sentient beings know what it means to walk a mile in your shoes because ya’ll feel comfortable taking those shells off?


It’s okay.

You were raised by monsters, and thus you mistook abuse as love and malice as affection.

Thankfully one can reprogram their mind noodle to accept new paradigms altogether.

People taking interest? What?!

Strangers hugging me? What?!

Humans smiling when they see me? What?!

Well that’s what happens when you take your shell off.

Simply Atte

You see, all it really takes is for one to be gentle and kind.

Conveying feelings of warmth as though the Sun itself took residence within your heart.

Echoing strands of starlight, wreathed in the most luminescent emotions of desire and creation.

A spark that resides within each and every being we often see while out and about.

Though it is challenging to shine when that same light is ensnared in dark clouds.

Endless thoughts of damnation and self-destruction.

For how could they accept that which is unlovable?


There is the problem -staring back as it pierces your being without trepidation.

The mind was programmed to fail, though it can be reprogrammed to succeed.

It takes time.

Maybe more than you’d prefer, but it happens nonetheless.

Push yourself without forcing and you’ll do just fine.

How fine?

Finer than the finest hair that can be found dotting one’s chinny chin chin.

Ladies and gents, break out of that shell

Featured Image: How the Turtle Got Its Shell


  1. I love the symbolism of the turtle and leaving its shell. I’ve often referred to myself as a turtle or the act of “turtling” when I go into “hiding” mode. Hunker down in my shell for protection and serenity. I’m working on getting out more these days!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s awesome and I’m glad to hear it, donshelby! It’s always good to research animals that personally resonate because they can teach a lot about how to overcome challenges. Ted Andrews and Stephen Farmer are good starting points.

      Liked by 1 person

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