Food for Thought – (big serving)

Auschwitz Drone Video

This author thought to himself how depressingly similar modern day housing projects are in relation to the ghettos of yesterday.

Now granted – more than a few days have passed since the 1940’s.

Although, the environment itself has not changed.

So how are they connected?

Ghetto America – D.C.

Well besides sharing the name GHETTO, these environments do not offer the security, comfort, nourishment, and love necessary for human beings to develop both naturally and healthily.

But more importantly – these environments have existed because the residents are prisoners within their minds.

For it should go without saying that an individual who values their life would never allow themselves to be subjected to such maltreatment.

Likewise, an individual entwined with a narcissistic or psychopathic abuser does not value their life because they would not stick around to suffer if they knew they were capable of creating their own Valhalla here on Mother Earth.

Ghetto America – Chicago


So how should humanity go about fixing this travesty that occurs on a such a widespread scale?

Well for starters, we could actually follow a blueprint that works. In fact, we already have one.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a pyramidal symbolic representation of what life requires to thrive or simply survive.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Simply Psychology

 Seems reasonable to me!


But then again, not everyone enjoys the same cup of tea.

To each their own.

However, we must free ourselves from the shackles that hold us in place so as to extricate ourselves from the abuse our species has always suffered.

Do no harm to others. Do no harm to thyself.

Love yourself and extend that love to others.

But we don’t have the resources! Earth is dying! Scarcity reig…

Be Like Water

Shhh, it’s gonna be okay.

You’re right! The world is going to Hell in a hand basket – with that attitude/mindset at least.

But didn’t the Nazis have guns? Weren’t they capable of wiping entire populations from the face of our Mother?

A Singaporean Son

So open your  mind and encourage others to do the same.

We’ll get there in time, no matter how bleak the present currently looks.

Ghetto America – South Central L.A.

Remember how big the universe is?

Ladies and gents, Homeland Security

Many blessings!


Featured Image: Holocaust Timeline

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