C-PTSD narcissism

Test Day (Ugggh)

Good morning, world!

Well today started off well, and it’s still going despite a small bump in the road.

What on Mother Earth is that?

An employer failed to submit the hours this author spent during his hourly commute to help a family in need.

Thus the author in question will unfortunately miss his paycheck today, even though he wasn’t the one to drop the ball.

Oh – but this sounds familiar!

You’re correct in making that assessment, for the same issue occurred last year.

However this writer’s reaction was completely different…

Well that escalated quickly!

It sure did, although this author still managed to keep his job even though he shook while speaking to that employer over the phone.

But what happened today?

I mean, life obviously threw you the same test…

It sure did, and this author reacted both reasonably and effectively.

In what manner?

Well he shot up from his chair as he huffed and puffed. Though he quickly realized that he wasn’t the one to drop the ball. It wasn’t his fault for not getting paid as he rightfully should.

After all, he’s the only one bringing the green home to support his life.

So this author then messaged his employer and said:

BIG problem – you didn’t approve my last time-sheet, so I didn’t get paid. This needs to be done immediately please.

The employer then apologized before giving reasons as to why this wasn’t fulfilled.

However, this author went on to say:

We all have priorities in life. Everything is going to work out, but this will never happen again. Thank you for taking care of this matter.


That ladies and gentlemen is what this author calls progress.

Not Even Mad

Many blessings and Happy Friday 🙂

Ladies and gents, Don’t Worry Be Happy

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