C-PTSD healing from trauma narcissism

Rub a Dub Dub, Duckies in a Tub!

Don’t worry guys, this post has nothing to do with bathing or tub-related activities.

At least not in literal terms…

So what has this writer been up to all hours of the day? I mean, where’s today’s post?!

As Frodo told Gandalf:

NY Heter 24

Alright, alright. This writer admits the delivery is a bit late, although the message is no less important.

For my last post, we discussed the notion this writer constantly handles himself in a less than attractive manner in order to push others away.

In fact, it was insinuated this writer needs to clean his inner litter if he intends on succeeding in life.

Or at the very least prevail in not rubbing others the wrong way.

But once again, this writer assures the reader this post has nothing to do with bathroom-related activities.

So without further a do, let’s get to the point of this post so as to not put thou to sleep.

It is inevitable for one to find the most unpleasant truths about their inner make up when the process of healing that which has been fractured is set in motion.

Once that ship sails, there’s no going back.

One either makes it to their island resort for the rest of time, or they sink along the way.

More metaphors? Ugggh!

GET ON WITH IT!! (python ref)

Oh, right!

Well it always behooves one to observe their thoughts and feelings in accordance with their behaviors. I.e. how you come off to others.

Now this writer isn’t suggesting that one aspire to conform to the wills of those who reside beyond themselves.

In fact, that would be downright ludicrous! (and not the pleasant kind)

So for this writer, isolation was always a big issue. For C-PTSD constricted my ability to function in the world at large out of fear that I would be unable to handle the pressures of life.

After all, one cannot withstand the external if they are the constantly at war with themselves. The true inner self that seeks to take each of us to the gates of our own Valhalla. I.e. to connect with one’s true nature.

But once the dust settles from having reprogrammed the mind to accept a new paradigm, script, code, program, template, (you should get the point), doors start to open.

Defense mechanisms that developed to protect one’s life will become outdated, and this is something everyone can experience in life.

However flawed we may be, it matters not. For all that matters is whether or not one takes the time to clean out their inner litter.

It’s okay to admit you have problems because everyone does.

But just imagine how different Mother Earth would look if everyone took the time to look inwards as opposed to casting blame towards any who happen to be within reach?

For this author – the choice comes down to admitting that I can stand as a beacon of hope, light, and a testament that one can truly overcome that which currently overwhelms them.

Or to be a proverbial turd that aims to be alone until the water flushes him down the seat of wonders.

Well crap, I said this wasn’t going to be about bathrooms…

So we’ll use the closet metaphor instead.

Ladies and gents, let’s clean out our closets

Many Blessings! Sleep well, everyone 🙂

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