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A Day of Introspection (this is gonna be fun)

It never hurts to look inwards. Well, let me rephrase that.

It can hurt, and it will hurt to look at the flaws that prohibit one from ascending to their own version of Valhalla.

But it’s completely worth it. Why? Because I said so.

Nah, just kidding. However I should mention that the following image accurately describes a flaw deeply ingrained in this author. One that has been present for quite sometime!

Ladies and gents, the image you’ve all been waiting for…


Oh but say it isn’t so!

Sigh. I’m afraid it is…

For you see, this author looked in the mirror this evening and realized the ugly truth that a pooper scooper perfectly symbolizes the behaviors he often portrays to those he connects with beyond the confines of his own neuronal realms of comfort.

But why relate oneself to something that handles turds and other foul things that will go unmentioned?

Well in all honesty this author has been known to be purposefully abrasive in order to drive others away, or at the very least get a reaction out of them.

To me this was entertaining. But now I just realize it’s upsetting and highly unnecessary.

How are we to heal as one if the human species continuously soils its inherent ability to connect with itself?

We can all be gentle. We can all show compassion. We can all empathize.

Now this author does realize that not all humans are capable of producing the aforementioned trinity of love – alluding to the presence of highly toxic narcissists and psychopaths.

Although most human beings are just that – love bugs that are too mired in their own mental traps to both consistently and effectively spread the love us non-monsters are capable of sharing.

My own narcissistic mother and depressed alcoholic father failed miserably to establish a loving environment. Now what’s the opposite of love? Harshness. Might. Oppression.

Describes my childhood, somewhat at least.

So I grew up thinking it was okay to be rough in word, action, and overall presence.

 The phrase “if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all” comes to mind.

It’s okay though because I don’t have to be that way.

With awareness comes the opportunity to change that which is no longer viable in a world that beckons our loving embrace.

Many blessings!

Ladies and gents, “It’s Not Your Fault.”

Hey there, reader! My name is Aaron Carlisle and I’ve been healing from 23 years of narcissistic abuse and neglect. So straddle up, buttercup and head over to the lounge to see what I’ve done to overcome C-PTSD and dysfunctional patterns alike 🙂 Valhalla awaits those who seek its might gates.

Featured Image: Writing is The Supreme Solace

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