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Up, Up and Away!!!

Good afternoon, world and hello Mother Earth – I thank you all for being with me at this time.

Why? Well you could be doing something else, or perhaps you might not even exist at all? In any case, this writer is extremely blessed and fortunate to have made it this far in life. This is especially true considering all of the obstacles we’ve had to overcome…

(all 70 trillion cells that compose our being)

Individualism – haha, a conversation piece for another time you can be rest assured.

But I realized something important the other day. Friday to be exact.

For a client of mine chose to repeatedly give a thumbs-down gesture in the presence of those who were enjoying their routine bowling outing for the week.

This in turn upset the writer speaking to you at the present moment, though at the time I could not draw the connection I see so clearly now.

Throughout the experience I encouraged him to offer gestures of praise, such as: high fives, fist bumps (for the bro in all of us), or a verbal “Good work!” This writer even said “Please don’t do that.” multiple times to get the point across…

You see, I was always put down throughout life. So nowadays I hate to see pain and suffering because I know it doesn’t have to exist.

So what if you only got one out of ten pins!? One is better than none – and besides, there’s always another opportunity to shine. Even if that moment seemingly resides beyond one’s reach. It is there. A moment to rise above it all.

But this kept happening…

prefontaine75 Imgur

I started getting angry because it’s reasonable to ask an individual to not be a dick to everyone they share space with. I mean, the perpetrator gave the same gesture even when others got strikes or spares!

“You’re either going to say something positive, or nothing at all.” I eventually told him.

Eventually I had to block it out because he persisted, and there are times you have to bite your tongue when dealing with a developmentally disabled individual who more than likely cannot connect their thoughts or feelings to their actions. Why? Because that’s just the way the cookie crumbles at times.

(I tried discussing that, but came up short)

“What are you feeling when you do that to others? How about yourself? What’s going through your mind when you give everyone a thumbs-down?”

His response? Shoulders rising up and lowering down – coupled with a look of bewilderment.

This is why I let it go. Sometimes you have to walk away because you’ll never get the answer you’re seeking. (at least from the experience or source in question)

Boundary violations are particularly aggravating when they continue to be violated even after you’ve asked the abuser to stop. However, I just kept reminding myself that it was nothing compared to what my own malignant narcissistic mother was capable of dishing out. My client was not orchestrating an attack on the group’s sense of identity, at least with a plot in mind…

Speaking of – it’s all in the mind. For he was not actually upsetting me so much as I was upsetting myself. You know that saying:

Shape Magazine Pinterest

Trust me when I say that it’s not that esoteric because something won’t bother you if it doesn’t matter. I.e. this writer doesn’t get upset over things like Gay marriage because to each their own. Just because it’s not my cup of tea doesn’t mean others can’t enjoy it…

Not to mention the fact that any living being should be allowed to live as long as harm isn’t brought to those who find themselves entwined in their orbit. Actions do have consequences, although little can be done if the mind isn’t free from the chains of toxicity.

The Berry

It’s time to expect the best and nothing more.

Did you read that last line? I just noticed it a few hours after I wrote it – “nothing more.” THAT’S THE PROBLEM!!!

Let’s change that to something better to get our point across.

It’s time to EXPECT the BEST and nothing LESS.

I can use my mind to keep myself from ascending to the gates of Valhalla. Or I can use my mind noodle to ascend to the same gates of prosperity and abundance.

We CAN create a life worth living.

However, we must open ourselves to receiving it before it can even begin to manifest.

Believe it or not I just started recognizing myself as a writer. I mean, I’ve published two books and I manage a blog on top of that. I love writing, yet it took me so long to admit that I’m a writer?

How can one even begin to manage a business they make no claims to be apart of?

Once again, it’s all in the mind. Here’s to rising and prospering.

Fuck you, C-PTSD. You’ll never prevent me from achieving all that I can in this life. Why? Because I’m not coming back – but this means I have to get things right this time around. Let’s heal and leave this dysfunctional deep-battered-turd-like reality with a positive mark.

One in which others can use to rise alongside us.

Many blessings

Ladies and gents, let’s choose Freedom

Hey there, reader! My name is Aaron Carlisle and I’ve suffered from 23 years of narcissistic abuse and parental neglect, although I’m here to show the rest of the world that it’s all good in the hood. I.e. you need not suffer from C-PTSD, narcissistic abuse, or any other less than stellar experience because life is too precious and too short. So stop by the lounge and see how you can rise above it all as I have 🙂 Many blessings

Thoughts and comments are most welcome!

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