C-PTSD narcissism

Happy Friday!

Good morning everyone! I hope ya’ll slept well 🙂

I typically have something substantial to offer, and trust me when I say that more is on the way. But I slept in today because I can. Not to mention the fact that I have to head to off to the day job (working one on one with developmentally disabled individuals in order to empower them to develop a sense of independence). It’s a fun gig and I’ve been loving it for the past two years, although writing is my passion.

So here’s to not having experienced an emotional flashback since Flashback Jack.

One can heal from trauma – I’m a testament to that.

Ladies and gents, don’t be afraid…

Featured Image: Learni – 10 Secrets to Happiness (Pope Francis) and no, I’m not religious but these are words to live by…

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