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Down to (Mother) Earth Symbolism

Yesterday’s post scratched the surface of the Divine Feminine – for those who didn’t catch it. Although some of you may have had difficulty identifying with the subject matter for a variety of reasons, so I figured we’d use some additional examples to hammer out a universal definition for motherhood.

Does humanity share a single mother? Is there a universal force we can all relate to when it comes to defining femininity? The answer is yes. But where? How? When? Whom? What?

Take a second to think about it. Chew on it for a while before seeking the punchline. You already have the answer because it’s closer to home than you realize. Still not sure? Here we go…



The Gaia, Persephone, or by today’s language – Mother Nature. She provides the necessary environment for her children to survive and quite possibly thrive, much like a vulnerable fetus receiving protection, nourishment, security, and love from its own mother’s womb. However this mother offers an atmosphere. She provides food, water, and all of the energy necessary to continue putting one foot in front of the other.

Our species is so blessed to have a loving mother who cares for her children even while those same beings tend to disregard her embrace. For Venus and Mars don’t offer the same love and compassion that she does. In fact, most celestial bodies don’t even come close. Now that’s not to say there are no other gems like her, although we have yet to successfully plant our feet on them. I.e. let’s get our act together before she aborts us.

So is love all that she offers? Well that depends on how you define love. For is love a force that unconditionally supports the existence of that which it touches? Or does it wreck havoc every now and then by adding an explosive volcanic eruption to the mix. Or how about a hurricane? You see she is not always so kind and generous, although one simply needs to step out of the way in order to lessen their exposure to such entropic forces.

There is a time and a place for everything. Likewise Mother Earth will always provide her children with a patch all to them, where acceptance and love are shared to the point an individual is enveloped in warmth and peace. So worry not if your current environment or life circumstances seem to hold you down. Why? Because you will always have a mother you can entrust to provide you with what you need most in life.

Many Blessings

Ladies and gents, Gaia Theory…


 Hey there, reader! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 be sure to kick your feet back in the lounge. Till next time, take care!

Featured Image: Deviant Art – Josephine101

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