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What Does Mother Mean To You?

Snagged that photo in a parking lot this AM

The Universe speaks to you when you open yourself to its messages

People often associate parenting with individuals or groups that oversee the care and administration of younger generations, although the roles and duties have widely varied in terms of culture and geographic location. This in turn has resulted in the rise of symbols such as Mary, Kuan Yin, Yosada, Isis (no, not the terrorist organization), and so on.

Mother Isis
Sophia Temple (Isis w/ Horus + Mary w/ Jesus)

But they’re totally different! Well yes and no. Appearances and interactions may differ greatly among the representations of divine femininity, although one need only focus on major perks to understand what they truly represent. You know that saying “a picture is worth a thousand words?”

So what thoughts bubble to the surface of your mind noodle when you scan the images above? I see love in its purest form. Total acceptance. Comfort. Nourishment. Warmth. Security. I.e. what the feminine is capable of producing, and this is true for both men and women since we all have masculine and feminine traits alike. But what if your mother wasn’t kind? What if she treated you with disdain and spite? Oh that doesn’t exist!

Sorry to be the one to throw the rock through your house of glass, but someone has to do it. Why? Because I can – but I’m also keeping it real by suggesting that not all parents naturally support their offspring’s life. This is particularly true for individuals who were unfortunate enough to land themselves with caretakers who spent more time discouraging their existence as opposed to naturally supporting it.

So if that’s the case, dump your parents. Leave the abuse because your life has more value than you think. This writer did just that and there are no regrets, but the decision to leave opened a vacancy. That is the understanding that I honestly had no clue what parenting meant until I began to develop a relationship with a universal template with the hopes of hammering out my definition of motherhood (parenthood in general).

But that’s all hocus pocus that our ancestors made up to understand how the universe works! Well yes and no. Do these archetypal templates define the universe in terms of how certain forces operate in the world at large? Yes. Is it all made up to help people sleep better at night? I’ve already decided the validity of such a claim, although I won’t impose my position since one could certainly tell me that I’ve been experiencing a placebo effect and nothing more.

However it matters not because this writer has been positively impacted by developing such an understanding. In fact, I keep getting messages like the one found on the back of a stranger’s vehicle. I.e. it’s all positive and uplifting when one compares it to the messages I used to stomach on a regular basis with my own malignant narcissistic mother.

All that truly matters is what the relationship produces. Are you able to enjoy your life to the fullest by freely sharing your tune with the rest of the world at large? Or has a person, place, or thing seemingly stifled your ability to shine? Only you know the answer to that.

Many Blessings

Ladies and gents, the Mother in action…

Though the truth may vary, this ship will carry our bodies safe to shore.

Hey reader! My name is Aaron Carlisle and I’m glad you stopped by to visit my little corner on this side of Mother Earth. Heal with me as we ascend to Valhalla! But don’t forget to drop by the lounge to kick your feet up 🙂 Comments and questions are most welcome.


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