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If You Can Imagine It, You CAN Make it! (Alert: Silliness Ahead)

Most people might consider cops to be amoral assholes who consistently drop deuces all over the communities they serve (at least in America with reports showcasing cop brutality left and right). But then again some may see them as pillars of light and justice in a cruel, dog-eat-dog world. As with anything, it’s all in perspective!


The same goes for a mother or parental figure who can either provide one with nourishment and comfort or neglect and disdain. But why? Well the universe is dualistic in nature which basically means there is an opposite for everything under the Sun. I.e. the grass really is greener on the other side if you’re mired in a state of suffering and misery.

So start visualizing a brighter HERE and NOW that you DESIRE as opposed to wishing or hoping for a tomorrow that will never come. Use that mind noodle of yours to craft a reality that reflects YOUR need to be ACCEPTED and LOVED for who YOU are. But what if the environment doesn’t encourage your growth and development? In fact, what if it discourages your very existence?!?

Leave it and create what you want – happiness, a sense of belonging, peace, serenity, admiration, warmth, abundance, security, and so on. See yourself smiling and laughing, but don’t judge it. Enjoy it! Crave it, hold onto it, and nurture that thought like a seedling fighting to break through the soil it was anchored. Anything is seriously possible if you put your mind to it, and I totally get how that’s pretty cliche – but it’s true!!

Don’t believe me? Ladies and gents, some Sugar…

Hey there, reader! My name is Aaron Carlisle and I’d like to thank you for stopping by 🙂 Be sure to step by the lounge to dig the good eats and wonderfully sharpened reads. If any of that made sense of course…

Oh and if you have thoughts or ideas to share, comments are most welcome!

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Clip Art: WeKnowMemes


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