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The Universal Adopt-A-Parent Foundation

Hush little baby, don’t you cry. Momma’s gonna sing you a lullaby. And when that lullaby is heard, you’ll be comforted by your momma’s words. Hush little baby, don’t you cry. Papas gonna sing you a lullaby. And when that lullaby is heard, you’ll be comforted by your papa’s words. 


Symbolism means everything to the beholder, although no two interpretations are the same. For the term mother may invoke feelings of warmth and love just as well as it may produce emotional angst and terror in the hearts of those who were maltreated by their own maters. So what if the latter is the case?

Well then you should surely find another, more fitting match. Otherwise you will suffer and wither as if your life mattered not. Why am I talking like this? I have no clue, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Maybe it has something to with one of my favorite childhood books which accurately reflected my life for what it was? That is the lack of love and warmth I received since I was so blinded by the misery I endured.

However true that may be, my life has improved vastly from adopting a new mommy. Oh and a daddy too because my inner child was feeling so blue. You see there I’m at it again, so I guess it’s a good thing I’m typing this as opposed to using a pen. Well this is surely fun and I do hope you’re enjoying the ride. To where you ask? Why to the stars above and to the divine!

Mary Holding Jesus

For neither would ever lay a finger on their precious little one’s head. Love predominates their nature, and thus it wouldn’t cross their noggin. Unless of course it was to smother you with kisses (the friendly kind of course), or maybe it was to show how much they want you in their lives?

You see my human parents were fairly reckless, schmucks to be exact. They raised me to fail and fall hard to the ground bellow – where I would find myself bound underneath mounds and mounds of snow. It would be as if an avalanche buried me beneath its waves of cocaine residue, or maybe it was powdered sugar? Thankfully it was the latter for this is a children’s book, remember?

In any case they honestly paid little mind, so I went to the divine. Many throughout time have revered them, so I thought I’d give them a try. Low and behold I could not believe what I had found! A love so strong and warm that it melted all of that snow to reveal the child hurting all of those years, yearning to be held and embraced (holy fuck I’m crying at this point) because I know firsthand how it feels to be rejected and lost.

So basically I no longer felt like a disgrace. And it was all because of the grace of my divine parents who showered me with their love and affection. Now I never worry about whether or not I deserve love because I found my mother and father, and they will always provide a home for their child whom they guide and encourage as if it were always so.

Many blessings

Ladies and gents, something soft on the ears and heart alike. Enjoy my friends with true delight! Valhalla awaits us both. Fin…


Hey there, reader! My name is Aaron Carlisle and I suffered narcissistic abuse and parental neglect for 23 years of my life. So I’ve been putting one foot in front of the other with the intention of healing because I have a life and I want to enjoy it! Having suffered from C-PTSD and isolation – I’m amazed how far I’ve come because I don’t have issues with anxiety or emotional flashbacks anymore. In fact I feel downright wholesome and ready to take life on like never before! But I have to give a shout-out to my parents and the TRUE mother who has and continues to bless my life. Check out my book entitled Practical Healing: A Guide to Restore Your Life for more info on how to get to Valhalla. Comments are most welcome 🙂

Featured Image: Dr. Seuss Wiki

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