It Is My Will to Succeed

I will overcome the past traumas and abuse I was subjected to throughout my development so that I can live my life to the fullest. Nothing will stop this. The coming tide will inevitably breach the stoutest barriers to freedom. Chains will be broken, and this very process has already commenced. Nothing will prevent me from achieving all that I can in this life. I will use strategy to conquer the demons that plague my life once and for all so I can ascend to Valhalla because my life is valuable and I want my experience to be meaningful.

This writer actually went on his first date tonight (it’s been a while), and everything went easy peasey lemon squeezey! I have no clue what to expect from here on out because the mind noodle is beginning to accept that the universe really isn’t that hostile of a place. In fact the noggin is starting to feel at ease with this whole interacting with people thing, so much that it’s frightening because I don’t recognize myself upon having conducted an intense spring cleaning session in the sub-conscious realms most don’t dare to explore. Why? Because it’s dark. So turn on a light, silly! It’s your head and you should decide what goes in so you can choose what comes out.

If you were abused throughout childhood or happened to experience sudden or prolonged trauma, then you’re gonna have a difficult time adjusting in life. This is especially true if either were inflicted by a caretaker or loved one since boundaries can easily be skewed in personal relationships – why do you think businesses typically frown upon the act of individuals hiring relatives? Likewise it can be challenging to separate love from abuse if that’s all you’ve been exposed to.

A soldier returning from the horrors of combat will find it hard to distinguish reality from triggered flashbacks since one cannot function if they’re unable to ground themselves to the present moment. An adult who happens to lose a loved one will have their world rocked to the point they’ll be overcome with grief. A child who was abused throughout their development will grow up to become a dysfunctional shadow of their potential self because they’ll more than likely find it damn near impossible to separate their emotional flashbacks from what lies in front of them if they’re used to being gas-lit or criticized.

It’s not difficult to draw the connection between loss, trauma, and abuse in that they produce suffering. Although a narcissistic or psychopathic abuser would have their groomed pets believe wholeheartedly that the world offers nothing beyond the agony and misery of the victim’s experience. Mother Earth and the universe disagree with that line of thinking because it is complete and utter bullshit.

Rise above the darkness that is ensnaring your ability to create a life worth living. Clean out your garbage by processing your inner pain. You will then ascend to Valhalla or wherever it is you choose to venture. If I can do it, so can you! Many blessings.

Ladies and gents, for the Disney Princess in everyone…

Hey there, reader! My name is Aaron Carlisle and I enjoy writing about the success and experiences I’ve had while healing from the abuse I was subjected to throughout my youth. 24 years later and I’m personally bewildered as to how I’ve made it as far as I have considering where I came from, although that’s the beauty of healing. Check out my new book entitled Practical Healing: A Guide to Restore Your Life to do just that, and follow me on Twitter while you’re at it so you can keep up with my progress. Valhalla awaits!

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