How Practical Are We Talking?


Highly practical. Why? Because the methods and techniques offered in this book can be utilized to uproot faulty programming that was ingrained throughout early development. Ya know – the time any sentient being should be receiving adequate love and care as opposed to being repeatedly abused, abandoned, or rejected in a world that has so much more to offer?

Having to experience neglect of any kind (psychological, physical, or spiritual) is no different than being forced to drink the punch after someone had the audacity to spice it with a freshly-dropped turdling. So now that I’ve burned that wonderful image in your head, let’s move on to define some of these methods so ya’ll can understand where I’m coming from.

Most problems people experience in life stem from unprocessed emotions (especially trauma-related) that manifest in a number of ways depending on the meaning one ascribes to the event in question. For instance, an individual may feel depressed if they are going against the grain or current of life. I.e. not accepting the reality of something is causing them to withdraw in order to maintain the illusion of their desire, which in turn makes life appear dull and bleak in comparison since they could only be happy if they had what they felt and thought they lacked.

It could also be that they legitimately have an issue such as being mired in poverty, or having to cope with a physiological disability that literally constricts an individual’s ability to enjoy their life experience to the fullest. Things aren’t always as black and white as we’d like to make them, although emotions are the body’s way of communicating what is working in our lives versus what is not. I.e. one rarely feels the need to change when pain is absent.

One must become consciously aware of the state of their mind, body, and spirit if they hope to overcome past traumas. This can be accomplished by establishing healthy routines that involve dieting, exercising, meditating, and resting to ensure the body can provide a stable environment for the mind noodle to function without too much hindrance. At this point problems will surface from the subconscious since one’s body will have less garbage to cover the real toxicity (abusive programming) that prevents an individual from enjoying their lives. Pulling those roots will help an individual break free.

However one must also take action when they are mired in suffering because there is no need for anyone to be miserable when this garden is filled with so much abundance and wealth. After all one can seek the services of a licensed health professional or counselor in order to uncover that which eludes their gaze, although they can also develop a plan of attack with the intention of transcending their own version of Hell.

Anything can be accomplished in life. End of story. No argument. Why and how do I know this? Because experience, both personal and from those who have succeeded before me, has taught me that one can always conquer an inner demon if they apply the right chemical formula. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, so ride with me as we ascend to Valhalla by checking out my book entitled Practical Healing: A Guide to Restore Your Life. Many blessings

Ladies and gents, some Thursday motivation…

My name is Aaron Carlisle and I enjoy writing about the experiences I have had while healing from the narcissistic abuse and trauma I was subjected to throughout my upbringing. It’s been 24 years now and I stand in disbelief how far I have come since I started this journey. From constantly self berating and isolating myself to being able to walk through life without having to question my place in it, I have been so blessed to have been given the opportunity to bring these words to you this day. Why? Because I’m finding my way, and so can you. Peace

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