Don’t Tread on Me

A common theme that plays out in dysfunctional groups is the tendency to demean or diminish the self-worth of those who belong to it. For instance, a narcissistic parent will go out of their way to ensure their offspring or roommates feel utterly rejected and inadequate in a world that supposedly finds them so repulsive. But my hair is naturally blonde! Well you should color it because it’s too blonde.

Projection honestly doesn’t make sense when you break it down for what it truly is. I.e. something makes an individual feel uncomfortable (for whatever reason, no matter how ridiculous or illusory), so they cast judgement or belittle those who supposedly slighted them. But here’s the problem with that – you create problems for others when you go out of your way to size them up.

Don’t ya have enough to worry about in life? I mean, isn’t life already complicated enough? So then why in the hell would someone go out of their way to point out any perceived shortcomings? Well when you’re dealing with toxic forces, all logic goes out the window. Why? Because boundaries don’t exist for those who do not have your best interests in mind.

So do you, boo! Don’t allow others to walk all over you. Only accept positive reinforcement or thoughtful and beneficial criticism. Why? Because you have a life to enjoy, so live it and expect the best for yourself! Put that foot down and deny your abusers the opportunity to destroy your hopes, dreams, and goals. Become the hero and rise above it all…

Ladies and gents, don’t be a Big Weenie!

Hey reader! My name is Aaron Carlisle and I’ve been recovering from narcissistic abuse and trauma for the past 24 years. Fortunately my experiences have allowed me to develop techniques and methods to overcome my personal dysfunctions so I can enjoy the life I was given. Check out my book entitled Practical Healing: A Guide to Restore Your Life to see what I’ve been doing to rise above that which oppressed me because you need not suffer – many blessings!

Featured Image: Funnyjunk


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