Finding Love


Anyone who has experienced abuse or trauma will find it difficult to open themselves to love. This is particularly true for those who have suffered at the hands of their own caretakers. After all, it’s one thing to lose faith in both humanity and love if a partner turns their back on you. But it’s a completely different experience to have been rattled from the cradle.

So what happens when abuse substitutes the nourishment, warmth, and compassion love has to offer? The world starts to look frighteningly cold and hostile. In fact I’ve spent years avoiding relationships and opportunities to develop closeness with others, although that’s all starting to change.

I’ve been spending more time around people – making eye contact, interacting, etc. while keeping my cool. Couple this with the fact the universe has been showing me hearts and lovey dovey things for the past few months, and I think it’s safe to say that I won’t be alone for much longer.

The good news is that my mind is no longer catastrophizing the idea of sharing my time, energy, space, and presence with another human being. This is especially true since I used to think to myself “but with all that’s happened to me, I’m so afraid I’ll be hurt even more.” However today is a new day because that thought was immediately followed up with “that’s no excuse.”

Love is here, both now and forever – this is why healing is totally worth it. Otherwise you’d be missing out on all the universe has to offer. Many blessings

Ladies and gents, it only takes a moment!

Hey reader! My name is Aaron Carlisle and I’ve been recovering from narcissistic abuse and trauma for the past 24 years, which is why I’m bringing these words to you this day. I’m here to show you that you can overcome adversity by rising above your suffering. Journey with me as we ascend to Valhalla’s mighty gates by checking out my new book entitled Practical Healing: A Guide to Restore Your Life. In it you’ll find the methods and techniques I’ve developed to successfully heal my personal dysfunctions. Thanks for stopping by!

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