You’ve Gotta Stop Drinkin’ Dat Haterade

For real though, be gentle.

Be kind.

Be loving.

Towards whom though? Well let’s start with you because there’s no way in hell you can take care of anyone else around you until you have your own life in order. I.e. when you’re able to be gentle and kind towards yourself, then you’ll be able to extend that same kindness and gentleness towards those who fill your immediate space.

This is why it’s so important for everyone to develop self-parenting skills that encourage one to nourish their minds, bodies, and spirits. Now granted each one of those words means something completely different to those of you willing to give these words a glance, although I’ll briefly discuss my personal take on them here.

The mind oftentimes throws a wrench in the plans we lay out before us. Now why is that? Well it allows an individual to imagine a desirable (and sometimes not so pleasant) experience before it can be brought into physical manifestation – i.e. this room is dark, so I think I’ll flip that switch to turn the light on (everything in that room was placed there by thoughts that were aligned with actions to bring about the construction of a space that did not exist prior to its inception).

Phew! However the mind can also trip you up before you’re even able to design that darkened room, and this happens because most people have faulty programs running in their head noodles that prevent them from achieving all they can (and then some). Really though? I mean, I’m just bumping into things throughout life without feeling the need or having the ability to connect all of the dots between my thoughts and their relation to my behaviors, choices, actions, and outcomes…

Then who is steering the ship? Who is running the show? Let me put it in simpler terms – when you see a car on the road that is clearly beyond your financial means of purchasing it, what do you think to yourself? Or better yet, what do you mumble to yourself? Are you smiling as you think and comment on how amazing that car looks (if you’re into that style)? Or are you griping and moaning about how the individual driving that vehicle doesn’t deserve it, it’s a waste of resources, oh look at me – I’m a richy rich?

The point I’m trying to make is that your thinking will make or break your ability to enjoy all that’s around and within you. So go ahead and gripe about that car because you’ll never get it with that attitude. Now should you care about the car? Who knows and who cares because all that matters is the person driving that car is obviously living in a state of wealth and abundance – i.e. they aren’t eating scraps out of trash cans (unless they’re into that sort of thing). It’s called being receptive to universal abundance by not shitting all over everything because you’re secretly butt-hurt.

My name is Aaron Carlisle and I’ve written two books covering the experiences of a life entrenched in toxic relationships (narcissistic to be exact). Out of that suffering came a lot of word vomit describing the path I’ve walked to arrive where I am currently, however my most recent publication titled “Practical Healing: A Guide to Restore Your Life” offers exercises and techniques for anyone to use in order to support their efforts in rising above their suffering to a world of plenty. Check em out – Valhalla awaits!

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